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Forrest Burtnette - Sweet Honey

Country / Folk / Americana
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Forrest Burtnette is a singer songwriter from Charlottesville VA, continuously releasing country, Americana, and even rock songs. He also performs with The Bittersweet Quartet along with writing his own material. 

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With the release of his single "Sweet Honey", Forrest Burtnette seamlessly shows strength, emotion, and classic country style.
Complete with instrumentation like banjo, and pedal steel, the song is full and almost anthemic at times. With a thick strong chorus and a catchy melody all around, "Sweet Honey" is sure to grab any real country fan.
Also just released is a song called "Windfall", also rich with a country americana feel, the song breathes as it plays and builds to a chorus and progression that leaves you wanting more.
Forrest Burtnette was born and raised in Hampton, VA and has a music degree from James Madison University. He has toured extensively in the United States as a singer/guitarist and drummer. In the late 1990s he lived in New York City and co-founded the band Bicycle which went on to get signed to Capricorn Records and was featured on CNN Headline News for their cross-country bike tour.
During that time Forrest enterered into a songwriting deal with Famous music, a subsidary of Viacom Entertainment.
The release of his solo material is something that really proves Forrest Burtnette can write a song that stays with you and is approved by even the most die hard country fans.
To learn more about Forrest Burtnette and his releases, please visit:

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