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DARA - The Red Tiger Nebula

World Rock

Salt Lake City
United States

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Eclectic, passionate, unstoppable. DARA is the dawning of a new age of music. Born from the stars. Centered in the earth, DARA plays their distinctive style of world rock spreading a message of peace and love.

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A driving confluence of eclectic sounds that carry a message of peace and love through their distinctive style of rock = DARA. Their shared purpose has created a unique sound that consists of Benjamin Dara’s guitar and vocals, Kevin Hutson’s bass guitar, and Squid Hampton on drums. Add to this their rich vocal harmonies and they become a force that reaches beyond the music almost physically into the world. Together Dara explores the inner and outer most edges of what it is to exist in this universe.
Dara has been working on their first studio album together, and over the past year have really honed in on a sound they can really call their own. A natural evolution of Benjamin Dara’s debut album “Single Flame” the music pulls from a vast medley of influences from around the world. Dara’s new album expands upon the singer songwriter feel into a more psychedelic vision of rock and roll, while remaining true to Ben’s storytelling spirit.
Ben’s award winning songwriting has found new dimensions to explore thanks to the sounds of his band members. Though they are still in the nest that is the studio, Dara is excited to tour once their album is released and promises big things for their fans, and the world.

Press Release
SALT LAKE CITY, UT, January 27, 2015  -- The first single from the explosive new band DARA dropped yesterday. DARA's new single "Ants On The Hill" is sure to be the dawning of a new age of music.Somewhat nostalgic, this first taste of the new album "The Red Tiger Nebula" is a sign of great things to come showcasing the talent and diversity of the album as a whole.

Calling the new progressive style: "world rock", DARA's music has meaningful lyrics. "Ants On The Hill" is no exception, and serves as an incredible precedent for the story that's to follow. For several weeks vocalist and main songwriter Benjamin Dara learned from the foremost authorities on ants to get the background he needed to write the song.
"Sublime, flexible voice" - The Salt Lake Tribune
The message that "Ants On The Hill" conveys however shines through more than the lyrical content. Painting an epic picture of this universe we call home, the song uses a variation of a phrase from 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home using the electric guitar and violin to tell the story. It raises questions about the direction our society is headed and keeps the listeners mind stimulated the whole way through.

Shining through the music is a message of unity. One thing is clear from this first single: the need for passion in this world never dies. "Ants On The Hill" stands up and commands the listener to examine their place in the universe, inviting them to join the movement.

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Born from the stars. Centered in the earth, DARA plays their distinctive style of world rock spreading a message of peace and love. Appealing to fans from around the globe, they are often wooed by Benjamin Dara's storytelling spirit that guides you on an inner journey.

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