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Tom Joyce - Aberg Piano Works

Piano, Contemporary Classical, neoclassical.


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Flowing expressive original piano compositions with sweeping string arrangements. Melodies of discovery and exploration, melancholy and often euphoric instrumental pieces.

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Artist Biography

When I first had piano lessons at the age of 10 I absolutely hated it, especially if I couldn't perfect a rather simple piano piece I had been set to learn by my teacher. I only started to appreciate the piano when I realised I could create my own music. I carried on with the lessons though but what I really enjoyed was spending time on my Yamaha Digital Piano which allowed me to record my own piano creations and add other instrumental layers.
After school I joined a band and after several years we evolved into an electronic rock band which involved me having a digital piano, Synth and midi keyboard on stage.
I left the UK and the band in 2013 to travel and explore parts of Europe in my camper van.
I eventually settled in the snow covered Austrian mountains and as luck would have it; I gained access to some recording equipment and a Digital Piano. I was inspired to finally finish and record some of my piano and string compositions. In early 2014 I released an album called 'Aberg Piano Works'. This album got me into the top 10 of the Euro Music contest 2014, out of over 3200 entries I was chosen to play in the live final held in Paris.
In the future I hope to record more of my piano compositions with a real live string orchestra.

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