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Them Howling Bones - Them Howling Bones

Rock/Blues Rock

Los Angeles
United States

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Them Howling Bones is a blues-rock quarter from Los Angeles, CA. The killer live act possesses arena rock muscle, superior musicianship, and rock ‘n roll sensibilities that separate them from the crowd.

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Them Howling Bones are born rock stars with real musical muscle, the kind that are in all too short supply in today’s music scene. They were so destined to find each other and play together, that when they played their first gig, they didn’t even realize it was their first gig -- it was that spontaneous.
They hopped on stage at a Los Angeles location that remains undisclosed to this day, to those outside the band’s inner circle -- rock & roll traditionalists that they are, the band insists you had to be there. They dove headfirst into a rendition of the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues” in a completely impromptu jam session. According to bassist Armando, they “just kept on the blues feel the whole night.”
And though the gig is over, the blues feel certainly is not. Guitarist Mitch cites bluesmen of days gone by -- Albert King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul Butterfield, Duane Allman -- as major influences in his (and the band’s) sound. Mitch has traveled all the way to LA from Green Bay, Wisconsin -- where he claims “there isn’t much going on” -- in search of a more active scene and like-minded band mates who share his goals for “us to move people, write great songs, make the audience dance and go crazy, and know our lyrics and songs.”
Vocalist Pedro is certainly on the same page: “Every night is the best rock & roll night. Broke, finding ways to get by. Being in the streets, meeting people, drinking, playing, getting into trouble and learning to get away with it! Every day just drenched in a little whiskey!” For Armando, answering which rock & roll night is the best ever is “not even fair. This train is moving fast and to remember every landmark would be blurry.”
Ironically, the quietest member is Collin, the drummer, yet he provides the band with its aura of mystery. Ask him where he’s from and he’ll likely reply, “The beach.” His goals for Them Howling Bones? “Get pitted, get slotted, then shacked, and spit right out of the barrel. Chya.”
Armando is a little more thoughtful about the prospect of the band’s bright future: “To be able to connect with a total stranger with music as a universal language is honestly beautiful. The energy of these ever-building crowds would inspire anyone with a working ticker.”
The current EPK release shows the fast musical talent for songwriting and talent.

Press Release


October 22, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) -- All eyes in the LA music scene have been on rock & roll purists (and blues specialists) Them Howling Bones as they transition from a killer live act making the rounds in California,  to a full-fledged recording artist with an international fan base. “Left for Dead” is an up-tempo rocker that is characteristic of the band’s sound, and is the perfect choice for Them Howling Bones’ first single.
Moreover, the song showcases each band member’s talents: Collin’s drums are mixed right up front, Armando’s bass is in groove mode, Mitch lays down a sparkling solo during the bridge, and Pedro’s vocals cut through it all, unifying the group’s vintage ‘70s album rock attack that is equal parts Deep Purple and The Doors. This is all accomplished in a remarkably economical two-and-a-half minutes.
The track has been made available to stream on YouTube and SoundCloud.
“Left for Dead” is just one of the many strong songs from the band’s first EP, details of which will become available during Them Howling Bones’ live show on Wednesday, October 22 at midnight on KXLU 88.9 FM, Loyola Marymount University’s college radio station in southwest Los Angeles (Westchester). The EP is slated for release on November 4, and will be available for download on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.
The members of Them Howling Bones have aspirations that are as big as they come in the music industry: from the first night they jammed together at an impromptu gig, they knew the chemistry was real and the results were special, and the band won’t stop driving forward until the stadium gigs become a reality.
But, bassist Armando is a bit more philosophical: “To be able to connect with a total stranger with music as a universal language is honestly beautiful. The energy of these ever-building crowds would inspire anyone with a working ticker.” Now that the explosive energy of Them Howling Bones’ lives shows is finally being captured in studio recording format, the band is ready to be catapulted into the mainstream.

About The Band: Them Howling Bones is a blues-rock quartet from Los Angeles, CA, that is a killer live act, possessing arena rock muscle with superior musicianship and rock & roll sensibilities compared to their peers.

For further information, contact Mitch Micoley at (213) 700-0287.

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