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Mystical Space Typhoon - Time I Can't Find

Rock/Pop Psych

United States

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A collective from Hartford, Connecticut who weave beautiful sonic waves for your aural enjoyment. Their debut album is a magical fusion of psychedelica, pop, and rock. Melody and the search for post-youth identity come together and have a baby.

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Mystical Space Typhoon (part of Wizard Farm Music) is a rock-pop alternative psychedelic etc band formed in Hartford, CT sometime around 2010, though no one remembers for sure. Starting out as a musical outlet for Matt Clapis and his cousin Chris, many things have changed since those early days. From playing their 1st show in the basement of a former crack house and driving across country in an 1985 motor home to live on side streets in LA (losing half the band while there), all the way to playing the big rooftop stage at Mohegan Sun Casino and winning Raw Hartford musicians of the year. We keep it real. Current lineup is Matt Clapis (Vocals, Guitar), Craig Watts (Bass), Justin Claps (Drums)


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