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Kinderr & JoeCat - Auditory Hallucinations

Dance / DJ Pop / Hip-Hop

Rio Grande Valley
United States

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Hip-Hop / Electronic duo hailing from the Rio Grande Valley. Top 40 for 2040!

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Artist Biography

Kinderr & JoeCat are the Electronic/Hip-Hop group from The Rio Grande Valley.

Joseph Anthony Reyna, better known by his stage name JoeCat, is a singer/songwriter from Harlingen, Texas. In 2008, JoeCat created the iDream Music Label in hopes of elevating the meaning behind today’s music. With an initial passion for hip-hop dancing and beat-boxing, JoeCat was winning talent shows before he was 10 years old. At 16, he hit the airwaves on South Texas radio stations. By age 20, JoeCat’s third mixtape, Epistemic Virtues, was getting played around the nation – boosted by popular single “Sellin’ Out.”

Like JoeCat, Freddy Perez Jr., aka Kinder, hails from the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. The producer/engineer has been involved with music since the age of 6 – combining his love for electronic beats with his passion for sound technology. Kinder released an EP with Americano Records in 2013 and has recorded a yet-to-be-released single with Clarissa Serna from NBC’s “The Voice.” He’s played a wide range of events, from the Ultimate Music Experience (UME) at South Padre Island, TX, to Steve Aoki and Epic Twelve. Kinder is currently finishing school for Sound Recording Technology. He briefly produced music at Freddy Records. Their latest collaboration is an electronic/hip-hop/funk album “Auditory Hallucinations” – released digitally in September 2014. After landing multiple sync placements on MTV and MTV2, the duo went on to sign to Famous Records distributed under Universal Music Group. The lead single 'Auditory Hallucinations' can also be heard all around the NBA!


Press Release

“Auditory Hallucinations” – Kinderr and JoeCat
Carlos E. Gonzalez : (FogHorn Daily News) Albums Of The Year
From the moment you press play you will be hooked from the fast-paced electronic beats and the catchy lyrics. Each song is different and the album doesn’t have that mainstream sound you hear on the radio today. Local and published artist/producer Freddie “Kinderr” Perez and songwriter/producer Joseph “JoeCat” Reyna collaborated to create an amazing mixture of hip-hop and electronic/dance music and put it in a six-track album titled “Auditory Hallucinations.”
This whole album is filled with originality. The first track, the self-named “Auditory Hallucinations” wakes you up with its early drop, loud cymbals and steady drumbeat. The whole song takes you on an adrenaline rush that will leave you wanting more once it is over.
Track two, “Da Funk,” slows it down a little bit and gets a little funky too. I wouldn’t doubt if they decide to bring back the television show “Soul Train” and have this on repeat. The album even has a love track for those who are searching.
“Fly Away” is a track that you need to cruise around the city with that special someone and feel the sparks fly. Then when you thought it was all a dream, you’re back on the adrenaline rush with the fourth track, “Stardust.” The buildup is unique and twisted, and way before its time.
“Moon & Star,” which gives the listener an electric chill, has actually been featured on your favorite MTV and MTV2 shows. The album finishes off with a slow-paced killer. “Dangers of Reality” takes you into the coming down phase of your music high. We all dread the reality part of life, and JoeCat calls out the exploitation on how big conspiracy theories are our main focus, distract us and run the way we think.

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