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Carmen Beautay is a young upcoming Pop/ Rap/R&B/ artist who has talent that demands attention and the fire and drive to get to the top in the music industry. She has an amazing voice and impeccable showmanship as a performer. Beautay puts on a quality performance at every show. She has the potential to be incredibly successful.

Beautay was born in Fairfield, California, and raised in San Diego, California. She developed a love for singing at the age of 3 years old. Carmen attended the School of Performing Arts in San Diego where she studied dance, acting, singing and string instruments. In 2006 Carmen Beautay and her family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. She enrolled at Tri-Cities High School, a visual and performing arts magnet school in East Point, Georgia. There she continued to hone her skills.  

Singer/songwriter Carmen Beautay is an icon in the making. Her passion for music goes far beyond the studio. “I love to sing and I want to touch my audience/fans,” Carmen says. “I want to be a voice for not only young people, but for all people. I also want to inspire young women and show them to never give up, always follow your dreams.”
Carmen Beautay is not new to music she's done some back up singing in the business. It has been a process for her to become the artist that she is today. She has learned so much, and continues to grow. Carmen’s motivation is driven by the people that are around her. With her ambition and demanding stage presence, Carmen is on the road to phenomenal success.


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