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Russell R Charles - My Time

alternative / Pop

fort lauderdale

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Living My Life, is the perfect song. Made from blood and sweat. From a reality of life that we all had or are living threw.

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Artist Biography

Music changes as fast as we change our clothes. The music industry defines its self by expectation, where "success" connection to your fans means making that successful connection, maybe a hit record: Russell R. Charles is a glorious exception. He has become original more than ever before, most popular and most innovative artist/groups are the ones who cares and loves there fans. He has risen from following his pride to creating from his heart. He has done this the right way: creativity, innovation than his past; which has translated into each new Artist being much better than the past. And in following this pattern, Russell R. Charles, is releasing his number 1 hit single “Living My Life“. This follows on the steps below to a climb of the most popular and most creative single to date – and this single that reaffirms his singular status as to be a global music icon. “Living My Life” will succeed more than just a national hit but a worldwide explosion; The Billboards will carry this everlasting stigma on Chart at #1 outperforming the Silly Business– placing music that should not be heard or even make it on the Billboard this day and age, we can do better! . This is how Russell R. Charles will achieve this great success that is the most rewarding part of his story: through constant innovation. Russell R. Charles never follow contemporary trends in music, but rather create his own – sound tracking everyday emotions with new musical styles. He must always stay one-step ahead of everyone else, but still remain effortlessly accessible to anyone who likes to nod their head. “Living My Life“, is a perfect example of that. Invigorated by the passion and real musical sounds, Russell R. Charles found a way to mix alternative rock and pop in one blend with the rhythms and beats of rock and pop, electro and techno sounds lightly mixed in – and turn it into a alternative rock-ish pop sound that says success. It's a sound no one had created a succuss before, meaning mixing with true alternative rock. And quick scan of the dozens of other experimental pop singles on the radio today, will reveal just how much of an impact Russell R Charles made on alternative/rock/ pop music. . This does not signal a new start for this artist, will not provoke talk of a rebirth. Even that is what he has done, musically, Russell R. Charles taps very much into the alternative rock popish culture., with so much more new sophisticated rock, pop and electronic sounds are being created everyday. This is a new era, rather be against it you must capture and evolve, this is a reference to the world at large, right here at this very moment in time – new methods of social networking, new methods of communications are connecting the world in ways never before imaginable. It's created a competitive and exciting time – for making music, for creating – and it's invigorating. "This song: Living My Life is symbolic, such as augmented reality, Its so real like 3D but it seems so unreal.," explain the meaning. "It's about being loved, not lied too, trust, honesty. Tapping into the infinite energy of life.

Press Release
Russell R. Charles is his artist name. His personal name he chooses. It is to let everyone know "We are all in this together."  Russell R. Charles is to express him self threw life, love,tears,happiness. It is a world that is up and down. He wants his fans, friends, and family to know that he will share to the world. Russell R. Charles also belongs to a group called Brooklyn Riot. Featured in Xfactor, America's Got Talent etc. Russell R. Charles enjoy going solo to express his personal music he has inside his heart. So he can share it to the world.

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