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My name is Bill Roach, aka RockaBilly Roach. I attempt to write music like Paul McCartney would write, record it like Cee Lo Green would record it. I love that 70's soul groove when I record. I am a RockaBilly guitar player when I play out live!

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I moved to California in the late 80's with a band. We played a great deal and made a living. It was a very fun time. We had one Christmas song on the radio. I met a beauty and got married in the 90's and moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Now that the kids are "almost grown" I am back to writing and recording. I try to write like McCartney. I try to record like Cee Lo Green would and I play guitar like Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats. I put all this together in my music. I only write, or try to only write true stories.

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