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Orbit Monkey - Born To Be Kings

Alternative Rock

Los Angeles

Band Description

Orbit Monkey is a four piece band from Los Angeles. The music is guitar-driven with some electronic elements. Catchy melodies and interesting arrangements combined with a distinctive vocal sound and the occasional unexpected chord change.

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Artist Biography

Orbit Monkey is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Jörg Kohring. After playing guitar for bands like Lifehouse and Blend, it was time to step up to the microphone. Songs were already written and waiting to be recorded, so the debut album "Are We Alive" came together quickly. After playing the first couple of shows and meeting some of Hollywood's taste-makers, songs like "Let There Be Love" or "Used" made their way into TV shows such as Y&R or Hollywood Heights.

 Recently, the band finished their new EP "Born To Be Kings", loaded with romantic ballads and the two rockers "On Fire" and "Summer In The City". The latter stirred up the community with it's infections summer vibe and the song has been picked up by numerous radio stations in the US and overseas.


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