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Garrison Ulrich - Small Horses And Other Stuff

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Garrison Ulrich is an accomplished singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, playing nearly every instrument on every track he’s released, the sole exception is the violin featured in many of his songs that is played by the talented Paul D. Engler.
In addition to working with Paul, Garrison enjoys collaborating with other singers and artists. Garrison released his first album, 45 Degrees, in March of 2012, and has produced an additional 3 albums since. His latest release, Small Horses and Other Stuff, is a full length effort and has an array of accompanied singers featured through out the album.
Garrison got his start in music when his family purchased a piano around age 9. He took piano lessons for 8 years, demonstrating a strong competency in quickly grasping technical and music theory from the first day of piano lessons. At age 17, he became interested in broadening his skills, so he self taught on the guitar, drums, and bass. In recent years, he has added banjo, ukulele and mandolin as well as pipe organ to his list of musical proficiencies.  He started writing his first songs at age 17. At the age of only 21, Garrison has now written hundreds of songs.
The latest single "Under The Sun" is a feel good pop song complete with catchy vocal melodies and a radio ready yet indie vibe. 
The single was released as part of the Small Horses and Other Stuff album in March, and has received thousands of downloads since then. 
The Small Horses record builds upon the ideas started in the Reflections album, and refines them, demonstrating Garrison’s growth as both a musician and composer.  Sounds are bigger and richer, vocals and acoustic guitars are more layered, and the instrumentation is more diverse. Lyrics are deeper and more meaningful to a broader spectrum of listeners.
In 2013 Garrison auditioned and was accepted as an inaugural member of the Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus, which is a one hundred fifty voice chorus and fifty piece Symphony that performs regularly at Seattle’s acclaimed Benaroya Hall.  http://www.seattleensign.org/
His music is currently being pitched for film and television placement and licensing deals. 
Small Horses And Other Stuff is availabe on itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Spotify, and many more outlets. 

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