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Oneworld Holiday - Christmas Around the World



Band Description

Oneworld Holiday is releasing a new version of Christmas Around the World - a song about the true meaning of Christmas. We all love classic Christmas songs, and this is an original song with a classic feel to it.

Artist Biography

Oneworld Holiday is a Christmas project by George Lakis, Chris Kelly, and Andrew Emeritz.  These three musicians are also long-time friends and the warmth of their friendship comes through in this song.  With a nod to the classic Christmas songs that we all know and love, they have written a modern classic entitled "Christmas Around the World" which is about the true meaning of the holiday.  

Press Release
Oneworld Holiday has released a fantastic new Christmas song with a classic feel.  The catchy melody and rich harmonies help to remind us about  the true meaning of the holiday - Christmas is celebrated in every country around the world and  it is always good to be reminded that the essence of Christmas is about generosity and goodwill towards others.  This song has a big, warm chorus that will wrap you up like a Christmas hug.

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