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Johnny Punish - At The Global Cafe


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Johnny Punish is a solo artist. He writes, sings, plays and records his music at Punish Studios; an eco-dome made from dirt that he built himself. Recorded using FL Studio and Cubase, Punish is a one man show; a man on the run looking for answers!

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Former punk rock lead singer from the 90s underground band Twisted Nixon (1996-2002), Johnny Punish is now a fully certified global political and eco-activist, syndicated writer, businessman, and solo music artist.-


A Daring Escape From The Empire (2010), Ridin’ The Bailout Bus (2011), PunishMania (2012), PunishRadio (2013) & At The Global Cafe (2014).
Resources: Earbits Net RadioLast.FMPromoFM.comI Heart RadioIndieCharts.comAirPlay DirectAmazon.com MP3YouTube Johnny Punish Video ChannelBlack Dog Mastering Studios-


As a cyber journalist and activist, Punish has penned over 250 articles on freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for VeteransToday.com, MoneyNewsNow.com, and other truth telling web sites.-


ASCAP member Punish songs have appeared in movies such as Paul Bright’s 2012  sci-fi indie movie “Goliad Uprising” (Cup of Joe, The Magnificent Afghanistan, and Gaza City).  IMDB.com
Punish has done other media including the locally famous and high acclaimed Bad Brad and Johnny Punish Show; a music talk radio podcast show at the Mojo Zone Studio in Playa del Carmen Mexico (2006).
For his “day job”, he runs an global media company partnering with other outgoing peoples who are of like mind and spirit.


In 2014, Punish started a new global peoples think tank called “Middle East Union Congress“.  The idea of this congress is to hook up with like minded caring international movers and shakers to put forth a new paradigm of  real forward thinking solutions for a 21st century and beyond Middle East that places its people front and center using coming technologies and new ways of thinking that empower freedom, liberty and justice for all effectively rendering null and void the wholesale raping of resources for the global elite and the subsequent use of racism and bigotry to divide instead of empower.  Check it out at www.MiddleEastUnionCongress.org-


Punish is currently working promoting eco-building projects e.g..Earthbag Punish; a project that seeks 100% self-sustainability using dirt to build homes along with solar power, recycled water, composting toilets and other eco-techniques that make cents.-


Born in Bronx NYC, USA in 1963 to a mother from the Holy Land and an Italian American father from Brooklyn New York, Punish considers his nationality as the whole world.  A a self-declared global citizen, Punish reaches out to all mankind for peace, harmony and justice declaring that he pledges allegiance to every human on the planet.
Educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and within the California State University system, Punish knew business well and spent his early adulthood chasing green checks and the “American Dream”.  Feeling misled and empty, in the mid-90s, Punish checked out of the material world and into the realm of reason, enlightenment and humanity; he’s never looked back.
In the so-called third world, Punish chose to work with underprivileged communities where he currently lives donating his time with kids sports and other community activities that add value to the overall global tribe.
Married for over a quarter century with grown children and a grand son, Punish is no longer at war with the world but a family man who lives in peace on a dirt road with chickens.  Through his music, writings, and community activities, Punish continues to fight for global justice, human dignity, and respect.

Press Release
9 Brand New Unique and Eclectic Rock Songs That Wil Make You Think and Rock You Out!
It's 2014 and Johnny Punish has released his 5th album in 5 years.  This time around Punish may have outdone himself putting out his best work yet.  From deep inside his personal studio at EarthBag Punish, an eco-dome studio he built with his own hands, this singer songwriter produced some reall cool rock tracks that will take you on a journey.
First, there is CONTRADICTIONS; a quick hit over the head pointing out the absurdity of today's socio-political situation not only in the USA but around the world.  It hits hard and get's the party started.
Next up is LADY FROM TIGER BAY.  Inspired by Dame Shirley Bassey and her Las Vegas met up with Elvis Presely circa 1970.  Just after her show at a Las Vegas hotel, the King knocked on her door and the rest is music history as Johnny Punish writes and sings it from the perspective of the King himself.
There is amazing rock out classic STARMAKER in the # 3 slot.  On a cold night, the tour bus took a bad turn and broke Johnny's trusted acoustic guitar that he had since the days of Twisted Nixon.  Distraught, he called up his former band mate, the infamous singer song writer from Brooklyn New York Brian Jay Cline, just to vent.  One week later, a guitar arrived on Punish's door direct from the studio of Brian Jay Cline.  It was Brian Jay Cline's 1972 Guild Starmaker; an unexpected gift from one the great friends in world history. Thus the song dedicated to Cline and that BJC SUPER G STARMAKER.  Incidently, the record was recorded with this amazing gift.
KNOCKOUT, a reggae love song and ZOO ROCK CITY, a tune about life on the lower east side of New York City both written by Brian Jay Cline.
And then NSA AGENT, a punk rock fast tune dedicated to spies and Eric Snowden.  And DIRTY PITCHERS, a rockin' quick hit song dedicated to outting the global con men.
ROOM 100 fills up the record at song # 9.  It is a very dark travel through the night that SID VICIOUS of the SEX PISTOLS murdered his girlfriend NANCY SPUNGEN on October 12, 1978.  Punish digs deep and holds the emotion of that awful day that Punk Rock was stabbed and left for dead.
On the last tune, Punish goes even deeper sending a message to his own clan after his future death with WE ALL HIT THE WALL.    The chorus here was done by 14 visiting students from the U.K..  It's a rock opera that says goodbye to all and to all a good nite from Johnny Punish and his future in the cyber space of no longer here!
So play this record and these very personal songs!  Enjoy a bit of time with Johnny Punish as he rocks out and leaves it all on the pavement in this 2014; the 50th year of Punish on the planet.

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