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TRASHINME - where to?

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Although the songs should get attention whenever possible, TRASHINME never had any commercial goals. The project is more seen as some substitution to a psychological therapy :-)

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Artist Biography

TRASHINME was born in 2005 as a Solo Project of Musician, Filmmaker and Sportsfanatic Oli Soravia - and it still is today. Oli composes, arranges and produces everything himself. In the past years there have been produced Musicvideos and in some of them a "faked TRASHINME-Band" appears. That was simply because Oli didn`t want to appear in front of the camera all alone - so he called some friends to join the Set and asked them to act as if they were the real musicians of the individual songs. You can join those Videos on: www.vimeo.com/trashinme
In 2014, 6 years after the last album, Oli decided to release a new TRASHINME Album, called 'where to?',  with a whole of 18 songs which were produced between the years 2009 and 2014.


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