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San Diego
United States

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Formed in early 2014, The LoveCollective is a group of affiliated artists with both combined and individual projects under their own recording label, We Us Records.

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About David Arrowwood
David Arrowwood was born in Riverside, Calif. in 1979. Moved by the arts from a very young age, David started singing and dancing as soon as he could walk and soon began performing at small venues like his local church. Sighting iconic performers like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as some of those most influential to him, David combined his soulful voice with a street dance style that led him to become a renowned performer in Minneapolis, Minn. Breaking from tradition, David also released his first LP in 2001, relying on his own hard work and word of mouth to generate a buzz around his work, which debuted to much critical acclaim. After years of performing, David decided to shift focus and move to San Diego where he has made a name for himself in event production, creating experiences that celebrate artistic expression of all forms.. His passion for the arts has led to the founding of The William Project, a non-profit organization to increase awareness around the positive role the arts play in life. With the desire to return to the stage as a singer and song-writer, David returned to the recording studio in 2013 and began writing his second album.

About JJ Kirby
JJ Kirby, known by the stage name as DaBizzare Mumbo Jumbo, was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1974. Gregarious by nature, Kirby found self-expression came easy to him. By the time he was a young teenager, he began using his voice through rapping, incorporating symbolism from his life experiences and music influences into spoken word. He joined his first hip-hop group called The Naturalist when he was only 16. Putting his rap aspirations on hold when he moved to San Diego, Kirby shifted focus to visual art expression. In 1995, he won an art contest posted in the back of a comic book and launched his career as a professional comic book artist, eventually working with Jim Lee and DC Comics. Never losing his passion for music and performing, Kirby soon met Arrowwood, developing a friendship through their love and respect for the arts. 

Press Release
Diverse Group Reroutes the Course of the Music's Culture

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The LoveCollective has exploded onto San Diego’s music scene with a multi-faceted sound, incorporating elements from pop, urban, dance and rap music. Comprised of singer David Arrowwood and rapper JJ Kirby, also known as DaBizzare Mumbo Jumbo, the duo is the perfect example of the new spirit of sound crossing multiple genres. At its core, The LoveCollective’s message is one of acceptance and encouragement to individually define happiness and strive to achieve it.
In early 2014 Arrowwood and Kirby began discussing their individual ideas and concepts, each with over a decade of experience and the goal of launching solo careers. What started as a simple meeting of the minds transformed into something neither expected: creative chemistry and complementing talents that fill a void in the city’s music culture. The two decided to form The LoveCollective, a group of affiliated artists with both combined and individual projects under their own recording label, We Us Records. The group recently debuted videos for their first singles include “Summertime Life,” a celebration of the joys of life and friendship, and “Sweat,” a mix of sexy R&B and hip-hop. 
For more information, find The LoveCollective on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheLoveCollective.weus.  


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