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Alternative Hard Rock

Los Angeles
United States

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SUPERFIX is a supercharged Hard rock band from Los Angeles featuring Kalen Chase(Former touring member of Korn) on vocals. It’s the perfect combination of energetic and melodic guitar riffs that lead to huge, rewarding, vocal driven choruses.

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Artist Biography

SUPERFIX is the brain child of guitarist and band leader Eli Rubin. Formed in the industrial sector of Simi Valley California, the band went through several line-up and stylistic changes until Eli found the right mix of attitude, energy and musical synergy that appears on SUPERFIX's self titled debut album. SUPERFIX has been influenced by bands such as Deftones, Tool, & Stone Sour as well as many other bands; "All musicians are influenced by everything they have ever heard..whether we realize it or not." (Eli Rubin) "I love listening to almost any type of music, but the music that I really appreciate is the music that touchs you emotionally.....that's the good stuff....and that is what we want to deliver. ....when you can touch someone's soul through music.....now that is something!"
SUPERFIX officially released their debut album June 20th, 2014; which can be purchased and downloaded online through most major distributor sites (itunes, amazon, etc). SUPERFIX has been an opening act for many nationally known acts such as; All That Remains, L.A. Guns, Trapt, Queenscryche, as well as many others. SUPERFIX is currently playing shows in the Los Angeles area, as well as neighboring cities and states. SUPERFIX will be releasing their own line of designer apparel which should be available in early 2015.
The current line-up consists of:
Kalen Chase: vocals
Eli Rubin: lead guitar
Evan Joffred:  bass and backing vocals,
Jonas Blomqvist  guitar and backing vocals
Ryan Propoggio: drums.  

Press Release
SUPERFIX announces the release of their self titled debut album. "Anyone who appreciates ultra melodic hard rock, with a twist of alternative metal, along with meaningful & memorable choruses, will love this album!"  SUPERFIX is a supercharged Hard Rock band from Los Angeles that is quickly gaining recognition due to the overwhelming positive response from the audiences wherever SUPERFIX performs. SUPERFIX is the perfect combination of original, energetic, cutting edge, suspenseful verses that lead to huge rewarding choruses that you can’t help but sing along to. SUPERFIX will mesmerize you with their unique and extraordinary approach of intertwining vocal melodies of Kalen Chase with the lead guitar of Eli Rubin. This clever presentation is supported by the unique sound of Swedish guitarist and backing vocalist, Jonas Blomqvist. And those of you who can appreciate a captivating stage performance…..you won’t want to miss a minute of a SUPERFIX show….because SUPERFIX is all about connecting with the audience....and this band delivers! "In this day and age, with thousands of bands competing to rise to the top, it is refreshing to hear something as exciting as SUPERFIX..." Rock Magazine 
SUPERFIX has performed with many great national acts such as: All That Remains, L.A Guns, TRAPT, CKY, WASP, guitarist from KORN, Munky and his band, Fear and the Nervous System, Orgy, Queensryche, as well as many other. 
SUPERFIX's self titled album can be found on any online major distributor site (itunes, amazon, CD baby, etc) SUPERFIX will soon be launching a full line of merchandise, which will include an array of collectible apparel which will be featured in their video to be released this fall. 
Visit SUPERFIX's official band website at:
www.superfixband.com where you will find photos, music, videos, and links to other related SUPERFIX social media sites.
For more information about SUPERFIX, email:
or phone:
Eli Rubin 805-815-7254

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