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Luna Blanca - Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band - Hopeless Chance

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Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band Luna Blanca, recognized for their energetic song melodies backed by lively rhythms. The CD "El Dorado" awarded: Best World Album 2012” (ZMR, New Orleans 2013)

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Artist Biography

Luna Blanca, based in Bocholt, Germany, was founded at the beginning of the millennium by acoustic lead guitarist Richard Hecks.  The other mainstay of the group is pianist Helmut Graebe, who joined the group just before they recorded the first album, and now co-writes the music with Hecks.  Both on record and in concert they add other musicians as needed to create their sound with drums, percussion, bass, one or more acoustic rhythm guitars, organ, occasional vocalizing, etc.  On the last three albums, Hecks and Graebe have been joined by rhythm guitarist Bino Dola (a flamenco player much respected throughout Europe) and Clemens Paskert (who adds bass, percussion and additional keyboards).  Paskert, who runs Capitol Sound Studios where the CD was recorded, also serves as arranger and co-producer with Hecks.

Hecks was a classical guitarist until he heard Ottmar Liebert (a fellow German who moved to the United States) on the radio.  “That was the sound I had been searching for,” Hecks says.  “It was the alchemy of uniting beautiful melodies with the intensity of flamenco.  The romantic and melodious aspect that Ottmar introduced aroused my enthusiasm.”

Press Release
Luna Blanca – Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band:
Hopeless Chance
On 1st August 2014 Luna Blanca - Richard Hecks and his Nouveau Flamenco Band – released the single “Hopeless Chance”. This single is a prerelease from her upcoming new album “Pirates Bay” this autum.
Starting up the promotion for the new album, Richard chooses this song to give some selected radio programmers the opportunity to play it as a prerelease. The tremendous reaction and the big attention the airplay got leaded to the release of the single in advance.
Hopeless Chance is an exceptional beautiful song showing the different guitar playing styles of Richard Hecks (lead guitar) and Bino Dola (2nd lead guitar and rhythm guitars). They alternate in an incredible romantic way letting go this beautiful sounding song straight to the heart and soul of the listener.                               
Warm guitars, a beautiful piano in the background and some additional percussion make this song exceptional.
The single is available for download at iTunes, Amazon and other download stores.

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