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Elizabeth Butler - Love & Loss & Stuff Like That

country,folk-pop, americana

League City

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At the crossroads where folk, Americana and country music collide, you’ll find Texas-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Butler. Her compositions are an eclectic intermingling of stories and soundscapes of the human experience.

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Biography: Elizabeth Butler

Elizabeth ButlerElizabeth Butler was that kid... the one locked away in her Savannah, Georgia bedroom as a teenager, poring over the liner notes of albums from Cat Stevens, Carole King, and Dan Fogelberg. She took in melody and song construction and lyrics while listening with the volume up way too loud.
It is a fitting portrait of an artist that embraces every aspect of a music career with gusto, from writing, recording, collaborating, and navigating the business. This holistic approach to her career shines brightly on Love & Loss & Stuff Like That, her first solo release due in early 2014 and co-produced by Troy Warren, Jr. She describes the album as a scrapbook concept, as if the listener is taking pieces of an artist's journal and absorbing a life story in frames and vignettes.
Butler's style is a "smooth gumbo of sound", and the listener can easily pick out country, pop, jazz, and blues influences amidst an undeniably unique sound that is steeped in years of practice and stacks of vinyl. Recording is the chance to let her compositions reflect life as a whole.
"It's the juxtaposition of the big romantic swells with those small, intimate moments, and there is a craft to recording that." Ultimately, Love and Loss and Stuff Like That is Elizabeth Butler's message to the world that no one is alone in their journey, and whether it be finding love, navigating through a loss, or simply driving down the highway with the radio turned up, Butler is a willing and discerning companion.
Jana Pochop for SocialThinkery.com

Press Release
A 'Road Trip' Leads to Love & Loss & Stuff Like That
In her debut solo release, Elizabeth Butler displays a driving diversity in a trek through twelve tracks… down a highway of human emotions.

"Elizabeth has a strong set of musical skills … and then encourages her musical partners to add their own personal touch. It's an empowering collaboration."- Solveig Whittle
Love & Loss & Stuff Like That
(LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS) August 14th, 2014 – At the crossroads where folk, Americana and country music collide, you'll find Texas-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Butler. She is in the driver's seat in her debut solo release, Love & Loss & Stuff Like That. Each of the twelve tracks on the album stand as emotive billboards. They whiz by on a musical freeway - scattered with stories of the human experience. Elizabeth points out, "Our lives are all intertwined with threads of joy and loss, heartbreak and renewal. I wanted this album to represent those highs and lows."
The first of several key tracks on Love & Loss & Stuff Like That is the first song, "A1A (Setting Myself Free.)" The empowering, turn-up track sets the pace for the album as it leads the listener down Florida's scenic Atlantic route. Butler shifts into a lower gear on a more intimate, "Love Over Logic." With a vivacity, she then puts the pedal to the metal in the addictive country rock tune titled, "Walk On."
There is a carload of indie talent on this road trip that hits seamlessly on all cylinders. Elizabeth worked long-distance via the internet with Seattle's pop rock duo Solveig & Stevie on "Light the Fire," which is a bonus track on Elizabeth's CD, as well as on the forthcoming album by Solveig & Stevie, Fire and Other Playthings.
The album also features the session work of indie award-winner Kira Small, the amazing multi-faceted Austin songwriter Jana Pochop, Grammy-award winning songwriter Susan Gibson, and the well-respected sideman and guitar guru Frank DeBretti. Love & Loss & Stuff Like That resonates with a central thematic message; that fate has our life-travels packed with lessons - and they may not always make sense! For Elizabeth, she has her debut set on cruise control. Her engines are revved up and ready to leave "tracks" all over the music charts and radio.
Elizabeth Butler

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