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Daniel Jay Paul - The Path Less Followed


South Haven

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This is the final album from a veteran songwriter and becomes the final curtain on a musical career which spans over four decades. It is reminiscent of a time when the "recording artist" ruled the musical universe. Recognized members of the music media, you are cordially invited to submit your delivery address and receive an advance complimentary CD. Please send an email to sunlightcommunications@msn.com with your delivery address putting “The Path” in the subject line. A broadcast quality digital copy of the album is available for review at:

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By Marcus Wright

Along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, where the rolling waters crash upon the sand, there Daniel Jay Paul resides with his muse, spinning imagination and dreams into stories and songs of love. A songwriter, producer, and author of the novel "The Last Sunset" who prefers to keep to himself, letting his work do the speaking. His hair is dark blonde with a touch of silver just beginning to peak out at the edges, his eyes blue and clear. His face is tanned and weathered with fine lines at the corners of his eyes.

A visit to his recording studio nestled in the pines, reveals something about the artist himself. It is a kind of magical chaos, with scribbled lyric sheets stuffed in every nook and shelf, and wires strung haphazardly across the room. Three guitars seem to have been given a place of honor standing stately in the middle of the room.

It was during the Thomas Jefferson College years, while attending a poetry workshop where the professor said, "You don't write poems, you write song lyrics." There are those who say there are no coincidences, but at this same time a new friend came into his life that was a bass player in a rock-n-roll band. Robert Livingston Jr. became his musical mentor. He went out on rock n' roll gigs with the band Challenge, sleeping on the beach because they didn't earn enough to cover accommodations when they played clubs like Whiskey Creek at Silver Lake. In exchange Paul learned how to play guitar and how to set his "poems" to music.
A natural-born romantic, the humble and reclusive Daniel Jay Paul is a creative renaissance man who bridges the gap between literature and music. Some of his credits include writing and producing the album "Love Keeps On Burning" for the band The Flame, and his own music that includes the albums: “Once Upon a Time”, “Songwriter”, “Till The Sun Rises Again”, “Clean Getaway”, “When The Sky Begins To Fall”, “Somewhere In The Night”, and the special edition “Find Your Wings” which is used as a gift for those donating to the Volunteers of America homeless children project. Director Kerstin Karlhuber used nineteen of his songs as the soundtrack for the award-winning experimental film “Tides of the Heart”. 

His hallmark song “Someday I’m Going Home” was written during a visit to Baton Rouge, LA in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, it not only bears witness to the hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced by the disaster, but also takes on a higher spiritual significance. A new version of this song is included on his final album “The Path Less Traveled”.

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                   Official website:   http://www.danieljaypaul.com
               Email interview questions to: danieljaypaul@hotmail.comBy

Press Release
The Path Less Traveled - The Last Album From
A Veteran Songwriter

While every artist that has scribbled lyrics on the back of a cigarette packet can claim to be a songwriter, Daniel Jay Paul is the genuine article.

This uniquely gifted veteran singer-songwriter is signing off from a career that has spanned four decades and taken in eight albums with perhaps his most honest and heartfelt work – 'The Path Less Travelled', which will hit the stores this fall.

Paul is the kind of songwriter who puts every fibre of his heart and soul into his songs. To say they are personal is an understatement. And yet, like with all great creators, his lyrics speak to everyone.

With an introspective style that has drawn comparisons with great songwriters such as Van Morrison, Cat Stevens and even John Lennon, Paul makes music that makes the listener think as well as feel. It is songwriting as high craft rather than just a vehicle for a catchy tune. It is sad music, but there are moments of hope, of joy and of happiness too.

Even the great Eric Clapton has become a fan of this Michigan-resident's songwriting talent, saying he “proves that a song can be blue without being the blues”.

Indeed, in terms of genre, Paul is not easy to pin down. He can turn his hand to a range of styles, all as expertly as the last. There is a folk tinge to much of what he does, but he is not afraid to use modern variations and production techniques in the final mix.

Having made his name with his fourth studio album, 'Clean Getaway', Paul is bringing down the curtain on his impressive career thus far with a record that matches it in ambition and sounds as fresh as anything he has produced.

While he continues to turn his hand to writing through his other career as a novelist, the musical world will surely miss the songwriting genius that is Daniel Jay Paul.

'The Path Less Travelled' is available to buy October 21 2014.

As a recognized member of the music media, you are cordially invited to submit your delivery address and receive an advance complimentary CD. Please send an email to sunlightcommunications@msn.com with your delivery address putting “The Path” in the subject line.


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