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Adam's Attic - Skylines and City Lights

Pop/Rock, Powerpop

Long Beach

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Adam's Attic is an independent, internationally touring power pop/rock band originally from New Orleans.

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Artist Biography

Brought together by a passion for music and unity in the face of adversity, Adam’s Attic inspires listeners with an honest and open sound. From their base roots in New Orleans to their current home of Los Angeles, the power pop/rock band has matured musically and captivated audiences on a global scale.

“While here (New Orleans), the band proved itself to be one of the rising stars on the scene,” remarked Todd Miller, Talent Buyer for House of Blues.

Through hard work and personal sacrifice, the band has earned its place as one of the largest independent acts on the musical circuit today. This group has headlined numerous sold out shows at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe, toured four different continents, played for crowds exceeding 11,000, received sponsorships in excess of $115,000, and penned more than fifty original songs with the promise of more compelling hits to come.

With the gaining momentum propelling the band forward, Adam’s Attic, has gained the respect and attention of music industry professionals and potential placement in future film productions.

In August 2005, one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history struck the north-central Gulf Coast region destroying much of their home in New Orleans. Through the devastation, Adam’s Attic was forced out of its comfort zone and responded by bonding together and stepping out on a limb.

Joe Henry, Adam’s Attic front man, said, “Some of us lost everything we had, with the exception of our music gear and some personal items; all of the venues we played were closed or out of business. Only a week before Katrina, we were given the most amazing opportunity to open for Lifehouse at House of Blues New Orleans. We had to act.”

Leaving behind everything they had built in the hopes of recreating past successes, the musicians moved across the country and settled in California. Adam’s Attic had nothing but their gear and souls brimming with emotions. Relying on each other, they rose to the challenge continually producing positive and inspirational music for fans.

The music is written about the experiences of real life. Although we all have struggles, the hard times are merely a trial by fire; perseverance through adversity creates the opportunities for success.

This band has proven that it has the elements necessary to make great music, draw large crowds, and entertain fans. Listeners will get an audible experience of what it is like to tour the globe through the lives of the band.

Adam's Attic is seeking:
Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Licensing, Film/TV Song Placement, Booking, Festival and College Booking, and Exposure.

Press Release
April 20, 2009

Angelica Henry
Amp'd Up Music

Adam's Attic Officially Releases Skylines and City Lights

Los Angeles, CA - Adam's Attic whole-heartedly lays down their armor to present their most vulnerable release, "Skylines and City Lights". While the band originally planned to release the album in early 2008, the founding band members' mother had cancer and treatment all through 2008, which prevented the release. The band officially released this album in 2009.

With each song, Adam's Attic captures a snapshot in time, and this record is a time capsule of a personal journey through various "skylines and city lights".

Since the twist of fate that led Adam's Attic to relocate to Los Angeles from New Orleans, the band has been on three tours across the globe. The album title, Skylines and City Lights, signifies their privilege of touring domestically and internationally.

Adam's Attic front man, Joe Henry said, "Every band dreams of touring the world and sharing their music. For us, those dreams are materializing. Following the desire of our hearts has led us to perform domestically from Miami to Los Angeles and internationally in countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greenland, Singapore, and British Indian Ocean Territory. We have gone further than we ever thought, yet we know that are so many more 'skylines and city lights'."

When Adam's Attic hit the studio in the fall of 2007, they were ready. Three years had passed since the release of their last album, "In the Blink of an Eye". The group had recorded other songs over the past few years, but nothing was right for release. This time, the five original band members decided to self-produce their collection of songs under the supervision of Joe Henry. Adam's Attic is Joe Henry, Derek Henry, Scott Boaz, and Frank DeSalvo. To capture his vision for this project, Joe Henry was tasked with the duty of assembling the right team. After interviewing Mike Troolines, the owner of Sound Asylum Studio in Santa Ana, Henry knew he had found the right place to track. After the songs were recorded, Misha Kachkachishvili of Axistudio in New Orleans provided expertise mixing the project. With a strong recommendation from Kachkachishvili, Bruce Barielle was enlisted to master the tracks.

As the songs were being mixed and mastered, creative director, Holli Elaine, cast a vision for the style, image, and presentation the album. With Holli's countless ideas, web designer Drew Geraci translated the look and feel into web design. Photos taken by Christan Parreira caught the new look of Adam's Attic collectively and as individuals. Journalist Nate Bates drafted the group's biography. Finally, Roman Ruiz implemented the album's graphic design in part by utilizing the album cover designed by Geraci and a photo by Parreira for the back cover.

For more information from Adam's Attic, please call 504-296-8084 or visit www.adamsatticmusic.com.

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