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Victor Ahlin - In The Night




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20 yr old musicproducer / songwriter from Sweden!

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I'm Victor, I live in Sweden and turned twenty this summer.

Musicproducing and songwriting is what I love to do!
I have played around with music close to every day the latest 4 years and I can't get enough of it. It is only recently though that I feel my music has reached a potential level, both musical and production-wise.
I like variation in style/genre and I play around with many different types of music. My strength lies in composing strongly characteristic and catchy melodies, and the way to recognize my stuff would be in personal melodical characteristics rather than a certain sound/style. I'd love to develop a very own "sound" and stick to it but still release stuff in a variety of genres.
I'm very inspired (not that influenced though) by artists from the 70s and 80s such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Queen etc.

 I particularly adore how they don't stick to just one genre but no matter what they go for you can most of the time still tell it's THEM who made it.

 I want to be like that too - this is one of my personal music goals.
Creativity is what I live for and aside from music I run a company working with movieproduction, mostly commercial/informative movies for other companies.

 I hope to become a movie director, making big film releases and at the same time produce and release a lot of music!

Press Release
Written and produced by Victor Ahlin,
Vocals by Angie Renberg.

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