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Razteria - Maz Raz

Reggae, Latin, Rock

El Sobrante

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An ethereal fusion of early No Doubt, Steel Pulse and Sade. Uniting Reggae, passionate Latin grooves & Rock, powerful messages & musical genius.

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Artist Biography

Razteria can be described as a fusion of Marissa Monte, early No Doubt and Steel Pulse. Her music unites Reggae, passionate Latin grooves and Rock, powerful messages and musical genius. Described as 'musically adventurous' and 'a one of a kind breaking of all rules' (C. Foster, Reggae Update, getthebeat.com), Razteria's songwriting reflects her passion and strong commitment to justice.
Razteria's senior album "MAZ RAZ" was released Jan. 19, 2013 at the Rockit Room, San Francisco. The album features an eclectic mixture of originals and covers including 'Where is my mind' by the rock band The Pixies, 'Chorando se Foi' (Lambada) by Bolivian folk group Los Kjarkas and 'There is no End' by the legendary roots-reggae band The Abysinnians. MAZ RAZ, was produced at Asteria Studio (El Sobrante, CA), engineered at Live Oak Studio in Berkeley, CA (Destiny's Child; Tony Toni Tone; Too Short) and mastered at TrakWorx, South SF.
March, 2013 International Womens Month (March 2013), Razteria joined the stage with Irae Divine, Queen Makedah and Sol Atash for the Empress Meditations Women for Peace Tour, an exciting and unique female showcase that delivers reggae and world music influences from all over the globe in 6 different languages. The tour, backed by the Fyah Squad Band, visited Sebastapol, Nevada City, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Pacifica, while raising contributions for A Safe Place, an Oakland based charity supporting victims of domestic violence. Empress Meditations has been touring all over the Pacific West Coast.
Renee Asteria has opened for international acts such as grammy award winning reggae artist Michael Rose and popular UK/JA lover's rock Lloyd Brown, The Garifuna Collective from Belize as well as national touring artists Mystic Roots, Caribbean All-Stars and Taj Weekes & Adowa. In 2008 she performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival as a featured artist of local band The Dub & the Restless. Other noteworthy performances include World Fest Los Angeles, World One Festival - El Cerrito, North West Reggae Festival and more venues throughout the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, USA) and Europe (France, Switzerland). Her music has been licensed by MTV's True Life series and independent films.
2010 Album RazteRia
The album titled RazteRia was released live at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA, Sept. 23rd, 2010. Featuring vocals, music and lyrics by Rene Asteria, vocals by Godelive and musicians Waddell Bell (Wadi-B bass), Lou Neuburger (drums), Joe Bressler (keys, RIDDIMBANK) and Luke Thomas (guitar, Eenik, Los Angeles). Feature tunes include: 'Risk'/'Risk Remix', a Reggae tune promoting a message of safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention featuring international female rap Artist Raw-G on the remix version, 'Illegal' a Roots-Reggae, Abyssinians-style tune dedicated to the struggle of immigrants, hypnotic '2-Faced' and 'La Baja'.
Prior to 2010
Razteria's multicultural background (US-born, Bolivian-Dutch heritage) and strong commitment to social justice, have had a profound influence on her musical path. Razteria, performing under her name Renee Asteria, has planted musical seeds through out the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, USA) and Europe (France, Switzerland).
Debuting in 2005 in San Francisco, she released her debut album 'Renee Asteria', from which 2 tracks 'Curly Black Hair' and 'Oblivion' were licensed by MTV's True Life series.
In 2007, Renee Asteria, while working as a research assistant for the University of Buenos Aires, she met Argentinian producer Matias Martyn and produced her first Reggae-infused, bilingual (Spanish, English) album, 'Faces of Agent Double E'/ 'Caras de Agente Doble E' with tunes 'Vinchuca' and 'Mosquito', about Chagas disease and Dengue fever prevention. 'Vinchuca' has been used to raise awareness about Chagas disease ('Arte, Ciencia y Chagas: miradas posibles, dilogos necesarios'). Both tunes were rereleased on Razteria's 2013 album 'MAZ RAZ'.


MAZ RAZ, Asteria Records, 2013 -http://cdbaby.com/cd/razteria3
Addicted/There is no End (vinyl single), Asteria Records, 2012 (email renee@razteria.com)
Addicted (mp3, single), Asteria Records, 2012, cdbaby.com/razteria2
RazteRia, Asteria Records, 2010, cdbaby.com/cd/reneeasteria
Faces of Agent Double E, Asteria Records, 2007, cdbaby.com/asteria2
Renee Asteria (debut), Asteria Records, 2005 (email renee@razteria.com)

Press Release
Presenting - Original Reggae-Latin-Rock Artist Razteria's latest album "MAZ RAZ"
Asteria Records is proud to announce the release of “Maz Raz” by its rising star Razteria. 
"From start to finish, Maz Raz shows off the incredible voice, music, and songwriting of Razteria. (...)  a breath of fresh air in a world where commercial dance music has left absolutely no room in the mainstream for pure artists who make exceptional music." said Shaine Freeman, IAM Entertainment Magazine writer.
“Infused with messages of love and political awareness, (…) brilliant lyrics, layered over uplifting Latin and Reggae beats, in which Asteria’s vocals are heavenly and infectious.” said Carla Ramos, East Bay Loop writer.
"Razteria is an amazingly talented songwriter and songstress,” said Priscilla Rice, owner of Live Oak recording studio. “Her album is so much fun to listen to. We were very happy to be involved in her project."
Razteria is renowned for her power to translate raw emotion and pertinent political issues into fluid, relatable music, Razteria is celebrated for her latest project “Maz Raz” as it showcases her unique ability to hold an entire audience’s emotions hostage.
“Maz Raz” has over 1 hour of music, 17 tunes, include 11 originals, 2 remixes and four cover tunes, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, delving from Ska, Reggae, Cumbia, into deep Alternative Rock. Versions covered are “Where is my Mind” (The Pixies), “Sweet Jane” (Lou Reed), “There is no End” (The Abyssinians), and Chorando se Foi (Portuguese version, Los Kjarkas).
Razteria has been described as a perfect combination of early No Doubt, Sade and Steel Pulse into one, innovative, soulful and vibrant sound.
“Maz Raz” was recorded and mixed at East Bay recording studio Live Oak Studio, Since 1984, Live Oak Studio, which has recorded music legends, including Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Tony! Toni! Tone! and E-40.
For more information about break out Reggae-Latin & Rock music artist Razteria and her “Maz Raz” album visit http://razteria.com
About Asteria Records
Since 2005, Asteria Records, a greater San Francisco music recording studio, has recorded music of all of genres. The studio can also help artists with mixing, and editing. For more information about recording at Asteria Records, please call (510) 931-7504 or visit them on the web at asteriarecords.com.
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