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Joakin Eskasan and SRI - Global Party People - the party's in Rio!

Brazilian-infused & pure pop/EDM


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Sri is a true eclectic artist - (see full bio) Her current collaboration with master percussionist and DJ, Joakin Eskasan aka Global Party People, swings from melodic pop/EDM to Brazilian-inspired Afro/Latin dance tracks. Enjoy!

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Sri eclectic  professional career has crossed genres from alternative rock to classical Indian dance, punk, bhajans/kirtan... to her current collaboration with Berklee College of Music percussionist and DJ Joakin Eskasan (Global Party People).  Their sound ranges from pure pop/EDM to world sounds such as Afro-Latin pop/EDM.
2014 July – Release of Radio Rio & Ybai in celebration of the World Cup in Brazil. Two Afro-Latin pop/EDM tracks rich in percussion, with a vocal nod to Sergio Mendes’ Brazil’66. Radio Rio is a festive non-stop Carnivale from start to finish; Ybai has the infectious yet driving swagger of a Cuban Conga-line. 
2014 - Release of Feel It and Beautiful, two pop-EDM tracks with banger sections designed to keep your feet moving and fists pumping. 
2012 - RISE UP! The collaboration’s debut release tackled Wall St, the 1%, universal healthcare, America’s involvement in foreign wars and dependence on crude oil. Musically it’s a mash-up of the two artistic careers: electronica, message-driven lyrics, driving guitars, classical Indian raga breakdowns. 
2012-present Collaboration with Berklee College of Music graduate, DJ & Percussionist Joakin Eskasan and Global Party People.
2005-present Co-director of Taal Dance Company (performance & choreography). The troupe has performed their unique classical Indian/modern progressive choregraphy live with such great South Asian progressive artists as (the late, great) Cheb I Sabbah, Karsh Kale, MIDIval Punditz and Nitin Sawhney. Highlights for Taal include PEPSI commercial with Christina Aguilara; Central Park Summer Stage, Walt Disney Hall (Los Angeles) and KCRW events at House of Blues (Los Angeles).
Music releases during this time include Avatar Sessions, a CD of Indian spiritual songs, and Sri’s debut into EDM production.
2000-2003 Rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for Shelter. Shelter was a seminal band in the east cost hardcore punk scene, and one of the first to take the yogic path lyrically. Toured Europe twice with headline shows and festivals. Highlights include headlining the European Woodstock festival. Releases include The Purpose, The Passion on Supersoul Records.
1994-2000 Front person and guitarist for NYC outfit Baby Gopal, a vibrant time of female rockers dominating college radio. Baby Gopal was two girls, two guys, and musically a mix of respective influences: DC Hardcore-meets-Britpop; sweet vocals over chorused/distorted guitars with mosh-pit breakdowns, and secular yet message-driven lyrics. Most of the members were ex-monks and punks, so the media coined the phrase – Krishnacore. Baby Gopal was the lighter, sweeter sound within that mostly ‘screaming vocals’ genre; SPIN magazine further defined their sound as ‘razor pop.’ Releases on Caroline Records; Victory Records; La Banda Bonnot (IT); Reflection Records (NL) & Tommy Boy/Warner. Toured the U.S and Europe both independently and festivals, playing with contemporaries such as Jimmy Eat World.
Releases include – Siva 7”; Boys Against Girls 7”; Fearless CD (EU); Baby Gopal CD (self-titled) (U.S.A & world); Union Square EP; Gravity Reminds Me CD.
Releases during this time also include Sri’s first Bhajan CD, a collection of traditional Indian spiritual songs. Koda Nitai, an obscure ancient song, was a track re-released on Kirtan Ecstasy – Best of New York Kirtans on Equal Vision Records.  

Press Release
SRI & Joakin Eskasan of Global Party People 4 track release...
Tracks 1 & 2: Radio Rio & Ybai in celebration of the World Cup in Brazil.
These Afro-Latin pop/EDM songs are rich in percussion, with a vocal nod to Sergio Mendes’ Brazil’66.  
Radio Rio is a festive non-stop Carnivale from start to finish; Ybai has the infectious yet driving swagger of a Cuban Conga-line.
Tracks 3 & 4:  Beautiful & Feel It
These pure pop/EDM songs feature sweet melodies mixed with banger sections to keep your feet moving and fists pumping. 

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