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Christopher George - Call To Reason

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This music is culmination of 25 years of influence from the very best of the golden era of rock. The songs are diverse, adult oriented, richly layered and defies any sort of categorization.

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Artist Biography

I remember being 7 years old and going to my best friends house where his crazy older cousin Ron had left a 45 of Jump'in Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones. That one song at that time ignited something within me and I knew that I just loved it. Later crazy Ron would drive us around in his souped up Cortina picking up chicks and listening to Sgt. Peppers. When I set out to write and record this latest album CALL TO REASON, my stated intention was to create an album that could it's own with the best rock albums ever created and be a candidate for the top 10 albums of all time. That's a pretty bold statement for a complete unknown 50 year has been wanna be that never was. That said, I do in fact have a certain amount of cred to my name. My music was voted to the top 12 in the Province by a panel of industry types back in 1986. In the nineties I had 3 songs in the top ten playlists of over 60 Colleges and Universities across the US. My song “Give Your Love To Me†held the #1 spot 5 days running on CFOX radio's furious 5 at 5 request line. Professional songwriter Andre Pessis heard my demo and personally invited me to his home studio 4 times to co-write songs. Also along the way I went to University and got a masters majoring in composition, but more than all of this is my own passion and love for great rock music. Since the age of 12 when I first picked up a guitar, I would listen to the best of the best and absorbing everything they did. I would listen to my favorite albums over and over till I knew every sound, every chord change, every textural nuance and every lyric. I analyzed every detail and figured out why some bands were just ok and others were exciting and amazing. Of course at the core of every great song is real emotion and heart. As Quincy Jones says one has to use “gods divining rod†which is the emotional impact a song has on you, but then what takes a good song to greatness is the attention to detail in the performance and arrangements and this is where I excel. I have packed over 30 years of experience into this album to deliver an album I am quite proud of. Did I achieve my goal? That of course is up to each individual listener to decide. Musical taste is such a very subjective thing.

 All the sounds here are performed or sequenced by me. And Finally, I am looking for a producer to produce CRIME OF THE CENTURY THE ROCK OPERA. be Peace love your heart.

Press Release
The long awaited New Album from cristopher-george is here. Call to Reason is the culmination of 25 years of writing experience. This album is diverse, eclectic with each song being approached as a mini symphony unto itself. The attention to detail is such that even after repeated listenings he audience will still find new aural delights within the various songs. Lyrically christopher-george covers a wide range of subjects; from et's to the New World Order to love, sex, fishing, dimensional shifts, lonliness and the meaning of life. This is "The Whole Package".

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