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Bio on George Nevada Thomas  and the band:    “Ya “

Born: George Thomas,  Graduated from Clark University 1989, in Worcester, Ma.; married; three children. Education: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree,  Art and history, Worcester Art Museum degree in Film . Addresses: Record company--Stone dog Records,  P.O.Box 542 Boston, Ma.  01944, Phone:

George Nevada Thomas has a voice in contemporary rock 'n' roll music today. Songs such as "The Desert," "Only You ," "Hold On," and "Over the Line" have enhanced his reputation with  a growing number of fans.
Typical comments on his first entrance in the public areana of radio: “Love your voice” I Love Your sound” “Unique” Hauntingly Perfect”  He loves to write popular songs and has tree albums playing on all major venues: Only You, Over the Line  and In Another World, his  Group, “Ya On Fire” has reformed as “Ya” __ George Thomas’s  video “Getting Married Tonight”  caused a tsunami of  controversy  because he incorporated  photographs of gay couples who married as part of his video.  I thought it was the only fair thing to do!, He said.

Read more: George is a x school teacher in Boston and has won various awards in
Commercial Art shows and Film festivals.  When question about his greatest
achievement and joy in life: That’s easy!, raising my children.
G T Reviews 1
Reviews  (Reverbnation)  “I Believe In Love”  by George Thomas
 Copyright 2014
This song had a singer with real talent. He had a smooth voice. The song was slow, but had some excitement to it at the same time. This song had awesome instrumental sound that kept in tune well in the song.
The use of tambourines and the clean vocals gives it a very nice 1950's feel. The singer's voice sounds so much like Elvis. Very fun song. This is funky and very danceable song. The lyrics are uplifting as well and inspiring. Great job!
This song is magical. Lets start with that 50's sound. Love the tambourine and light touch f electric guitar. And that Elvis growl? And that Johnny Cash flat note he catches us with is just amazing. Steals my rock and roll soul. This song is just nothing less than wonderful. Like I said, it just bleeds 50's. The clapping in the background really gets me. Just makes me want to sway like I'm in a poodle skirt. Yet I can hear the acoustic keeping it nice and slow and soft. Though this song has classic pulsing all through it I can still consider this something "new". Hit for sure.
Perfect Farley brother’s song. Love the humorous and light feel the the song. This would be a perfect movie soundtrack for a light romantic comedy. This has Ben Stiller written all over it. This song can be a hit, based on the light feel, the vocalist has an Elvis influence which fits this song very well. The instrumentals are solid but don't fight for attention over the lyrics.
This track has an old feel to it! I like when someone takes something old and reuse it in a modern way. The lyrics are sweet. The musicians choice of sound was well chosen. They took the sound and cleaned it up and it worked well. Over all the track was delightful. The artist vocals were as smooth as silk. He made it seem effortless to carry a tune.
The start of this song is amazing, when the instruments start playing you know it's going to be good and when the lyrics start I wasn't disappointed! Fantastic song. The lyrics are great and the artist has an amazing voice. I love the natural bass in his voice and I can see his voice singing a variety of songs including country. The lyrics are fantastic and I can see this song being used in commercials and romantic movies. The tune of this song will be playing in my head for a very long time! Best of luck with this song, hope to hear more from you soon!
This song made me want to dance in a cabana. Reminds me a lot of the our old King of Rock and Roll Elvis, if this artist can contribute a classic, this type of music will still live on. I look forward to listening
Press Release
George Thomas & Ya: ‘INBOUND’ A Timeless Rollercoaster Ride!
by Rick Jamm on JULY 23, 2013 in REVIEWS
George Thomas & Ya hail from Boston.  George and his band Ya, have written and recorded a prolific amount of material that has been likened to Roy Orbison singing withThe Moody Blues. The band has no less than 7 albums on Aurovine! The songs are a dynamic mix of acoustic and electric guitars, symphonic percussion and background singers. On the band’s latest album Inbound the songs range from the soul and RnB tingedAmazing, through to out and out rockers like Someone To Love.
The album is filled with wonderfully crafted and enjoyable songs and part of the beauty ofInbound is that it is so under-stated. It sounds like the band is having a total blast on these songs. I think that’s one of the reasons this music is so incredibly fun to listen to. It’s obvious that these guys just left their egos outside the doorway and set out to make great music and have a great time doing it; because this is exactly what transpires through the songs on offer here.
Due to George Thomas’ truly Roy Orbison-like voice, it’s very hard to escape from the retro rock n’ roll overtones that run throughout the album, no matter what genre the band tackle, and they do tackle a real load-full here!
However don’t be fooled into thinking that this has any negative effect on the music whatsoever, on the contrary it’s absolutely awe-inspiring to hear George’s ‘Orbison’ voice on a trendy urban-music track like, “Love Is All You Need To Know”. I for one was stopped in my tracks, and I think Roy and even Elvis Presley turned in their graves a couple of times too! George Thomas’ tender, deep and resonant style of singing, so reminiscent of the aforementioned two, perfectly contrasts the hip girlie-choruses under this sweltering and banging club beat. No doubt this song could easily be radio-ready hit material!
Skip to the next track, “Message In A Bottle”, and you’re really thrown into some authentic rock n’ roll nostalgia, even though the instrumentation remains totally contemporary in its sound.  The gift of George Thomas’ voice is that it can be both modern and a classic throwback to the past, in the blink of an eye.
If you are one of the lucky souls fortunate enough to get your dirty fingers on this album, then you are guaranteed a good time from the moment you place this in the player and hit “play”. “Amazing” sounds like it slipped off the Atlantic Records label during the 60’s, alongside such soul artists as Solomon Burke or Ben E King, while “Someone To Love”moves across the spectrum to the straight rock sound you would have expected from rockersSteppenwolf. In between George Thomas & Ya exchange licks and riffs with a bundle of genres, continually reassured and kept on track by George’s uniquely recognizable vocals.
From a song standpoint, this is one of the few albums where I don’t skip any songs at all. Each song is very well written, and the album flows seamlessly together from one song to the next. George Thomas & Ya is a pretty amazing group. Their talent goes without saying, and you’ll soon realize that the group really does sound like they are having a lot of fun while they’re working together. This is definitely an excellent album to purchase.
“Cry Don’t Cry” from George Thomas’s new album on iTunes “Backstage”
The intro was mysterious and alluring and it made me interested in continuing to listen to the song. The lyrics were kind of sad and dark, but I liked the song. I could relate to the words in this one. The singer's voice sounds raspy and I like the uniqueness of his voice. I also like the arrangement of the song because the beat didn't clash with the vocals. Great song! I would definitely add this one to my playlist.
This dude has a terrific voice that sounds like a country singer's voice. His brand of country mixed in with pop, electro, synth and even a touch of hip hop. This was produced amazingly well and professionally. He expresses himself quite well and it is a love song. A unique song. This artist is a one of a kind artist that goes above and beyond what he does. He should be proud of that. He should be next big thing when it comes pop music. He will be quite an impressive pop star. Single-worthy, right here. He should also be a hit with country music fans that are open-minded when it comes to synths and even hip hop influences.

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