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The norwegian rockers Tripod finds themselves in between the two worlds of stoner metal and grunge rock, making them twice as soothing to take in.The band has released 2 albums, "Nevermind This Black Album" in 2008 and "4 Coins" in 2012.

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The Norwegian rockers, Tripod, find themselves in between the two worlds of stoner metal and grunge rock, making them twice as soothing to take in. Groovy and catchy riffs, with amazing vocals. With killer live performances, heavy drums and a rumbling bass, the quintet is trying to take back the raw purity that once existed.
Since the release of their debut album “Nevermind This Black Album” in 2008, including hits like “Another Monday” and “Tomorrow”, the band has been delivering their massive sound to the masses. After touring Norway, they started working on their second album. The album “Four Coins”(2012) was released in China, as well as Norway. Mixed by legendary producer Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Warrant and more). “Catchy tunes that rocks your balls off!” (“Four Coins”: 7/10) – Icon Music Mag “With the song “Jack and Blood” Tripod manages to bring back Kurt Cobain from the grave!” “Efficient and well played” –Firdaposten “Amazing songs, which they exploit to the max in their live performances.” -IMM.
After touring Norway and China with “Four Coins” they started once again to work on songs for their next album. The summer of 2013 Tripod recorded a new album in legendary Sono Records, outside of Prague, Czech Republic. This was the first album to include new guitar player Jørgen Berg (ex-Torch). The album also featured Apollon Quartet (members from Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) and Norwegian solo artist Martine Rygvold. The album will be released in 2014. Tripod’s sound is now even more massive than before. Heavier! Rougher! Keeping the purity of 90’s grunge and metal intact.

Espen Bjørnholt: +4797192304

Press Release
Contact: Espen Bjørnholt FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Eponymous Album To Be Released Late Summer/Early Fall 2014
Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway – May 19th, 2014 – For music fans who enjoy "catchy tunes that rock your balls off" (Icon Music magazine), Norwegian rockers Tripod have just the right blend of grunge, metal and rock. As Norwegian newspaper Firdaposten says - "Tripod manages to bring back Kurt Cobain from the grave!".
Espen Bjørnholt, bassplayer for Tripod explains, "our musical style is actually pretty varied. We have all the heavy, loud music with screaming, of course. But we also have a softer side, expressed through our quieter acoustic songs. It's fair to say that a lot of our music is inspired from the music of the 90s, especially grunge."
Tripod is a five-piece outfit consisting of Knut Arne Lillestøl (vocals), Stein-Inge Øien (guitars/backing vocals), Espen Bjørnholt (bass), Åge Solheim (drums) and Jørgen Sporsheim Berg (guitar/backing vocals). All members are involved in writing the band's songs.
Currently, Tripod is working in the studio on a new album, Tripod, to be released in the late summer/early fall of 2014. The new album will be their third, following on the heels of Nevermind This Black (2008) and Four Coins (2012).
Once the album has been released, Tripod has plans to go on an extended tour of China, scheduled to begin in October 2014. Tripod has already enjoyed success with Four Coins in China, and toured the country in 2011. To date, Tripod have played just over 100 shows in Norway, showing a clear commitment to getting down with their fans for pure, simple rock fun.
Tripod's album, Four Coins, can be purchased at Norwegian online music store CDON for just 103 kr.
About Tripod
Norwegian rockers Tripod, from Trondheim, find themselves in between the two words of stoner metal and grunge rock. Since the release of their first album in 2008, they have been an active live band. For more information, see Tripod's website.

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