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The Running Chickens - Communications Lines Restored



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We are a Rock Band! We write and play "classic rock" music, but we always try to give it a modern feel. We are a duo, but we can multiply ourselves to make records and play live. We can be many versions ... 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc ...

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The Chickens are Stefano Dentone (voice, bass and acoustic guitar) and Marcello Dondero (electric and acoustic guitars) and we began to run in 2010.

 The project started like a joke and it would have to be an acoustic-duo.

We wrote a handful of songs and we wanted to make a record, so we started to play. We sang and played electric, acoustic and bass guitars and later we enriched the sound by adding drums, percussions, organs, strings and horns... our acoustic duo project was finally turned into a full band album!

 So COMMUNICATION LINES RESTORED saw the light in 2012. In 2013 we made a deal with the Italian indipendent record label MS Records for the digital distribution of our album.

Now that we started to run, we'll continue to do it... playing live and making records!


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