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Idy - Aching For Your Inner Peace


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Idy is an indie/alt rock band from the most Pensive of Sylvanias with a sound lovingly called "weirdcore" that combines alternative and classic rock, metal, electronica and even shades of folk! That, and they usually tour with a sasquatch!

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Boisterous Pennsylvania Alt-rock outfit Idy proudly wears the badge of being known as a “bridge band” for their sound that combines elements of pop/punk/metal/hardore/hip-hop/dance/folk and well, just about whatever genre strikes their fancy at the time… That and, well, they just fancy bridges. They like taking pictures of them when they see an especially pretty one.
Throw in a dash of infectious melodies, a pinch of smart, story-telling lyrics, and a soupçon of comic sensibilities and you’ve got a recipe for the Idy sound. A sound that they lovingly have self-described as being “weirdcore.” But, to call Idy a “band” might be a bit generous considering that there are 2 different stories to the band’s origins. The first, of course, being that a Sasquatch dropped demos at the doorstep of an indie-filmmaker, who was compelled to share the songs with the public. The other being that it began sometime around 2005 with guitarist/singer Bryan Davis crafting songs on a computer and a drum machine while attending Penn State University, assembling songs where essentially everything was played by Davis. Nobody is clear on what the name IDY actually stands for, or which of the origin stories might be true. However, a live unit was recruited after Davis filled in on guitar duties for his friends in New Jersey-based Hindsight and debuted a few of the songs live. Positive audience receptions and encouragement compelled Idy to recruit a road unit and a band was formed consisting of Jack Hughes and Chris Mattheas (of Hindsight) on drums and bass, respectively, to perform the tracks live.
This lead to many high-energy live appearances and East Coast tours around school schedules, as well as a highly anticipated full-length release in “The Soundtrack to Your Silent Movie.”  The album, also recorded almost solely by Davis, sold well, despite being self-released and promoted mostly through the creation of several outlandish music videos that piqued interest online, and eventually on the airwaves of MTV-U. The new, more widespread, attention brought Idy to appearances on Warped Tour stages, opening slots for major label acts, and eventually, their own label development deal. Despite finding traction in the pop, punk, and hardcore genres, this progress was all capped off with some all-too-familiar misfortunes. A revolving cast of staff left the band fighting their label and unable to release new material for a considerable amount of time, resulting in member departures, and a deal that ultimately hurt the band more than it helped.
Again finding himself the lone member in Idy and waiting out the terms of his deal, Davis attended graduate school and went it alone, renting a house and building a small studio inside to secretly begin production on a new record. After crafting several demos, Davis began taking the project all over the United States enlisting guests to help make a record that felt reminiscent of Idy’s live sound. With the drumming assistance of Jake Burton, and solid production advice and mixing assistance from Jamie Woolford (of The Stereo), Tim O’Heir (All-American Rejects, The Starting Line, Say Anything), and Marc Frigo (Jewel, The Indigo Girls), this new, secret, record came to life and found Davis drawing influence from the sounds these engineers are noted for, as well as the sounds of the different regions he traveled to while working on the record.
The resulting LP showcases hints of a melodic power-pop influence ala Saves the Day, or Alkaline Trio, or The Stereo (I mean, Jamie Woolford sings backing vocals on here, so it’s hard to not catch that one) while also exploring elements of hardcore reminiscent of Glassjaw, the Deftones, or Finch; and even slight hints at less definable hip-hop, electronic, folk and even country influences. “Aching For Your Inner Peace,” which finally sees a release in 2014, is arguably Idy’s strongest effort to date because it somehow both expands the Idy sound pallet and also defines a sound they have been perfecting since 2005, showing a band that’s finally comfortable in their own skin. It’s just like the old adage states, “you can always call him an underdog, but you can’t keep a good Sasquatch down!”... Wait Idy… Is that really an old adage?

Press Release
Contact: Hiliary Bruno
Idy announces they are Aching For Your Inner Peace
Second full-length album to be released on CD & Digital on 5/6/14 via Black Skye Records.
(Pittsburgh, PA) May 2, 2014
Boisterous Pennsylvania Alt-rock band Idy have announced that they will be releasing their first full-length record in over 7 years, Aching For Your Inner Peace on May 6, 2014 via Black Skye Records. The album consists of 12 new songs and an art-project curated by singer Bryan Davis that includes his own photography work, as well as artwork that was inspired by each song on the album. Artists that participated in the project included children’s book illustrators, elementary school art teachers, and even Randy Strohmeyer from Finch.
The band worked on Aching For Your Inner Peace in secret while waiting out terms of a deal with a major label, which nearly ended the band, and got some production help from Tim O’Heir (All-American Rejects, Say Anything), Jamie Woolford (The Stereo), and Marc Frigo (Jewel, The Indigo Girls) along the way. The album is currently available for pre-order at iTunes (http://itunes.idymusic.com), Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Aching-Your-Inner-Peace-Idy/dp/B00JDB4VA2/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1396448181&sr=1-1&keywords=idy), and in some pretty nice bundles at the band’s merch store (http://merch.idymusic.com) including a package with a t-shirt designed by Strohmeyer (Finch). Pre-orders also get you 3 songs off the record immediately.
Idy is currently giving away a free acoustic version of "Vegas" off of Aching For Your Inner Peace on MTV.com (http://mtv.idymusic.com) to celebrate fans helping to get the music video for the album version of the track to hit over 100k views on the Vevo music video channel. The band can be caught live on soon to be announced national club and festival dates to start in June of 2014, in support of Aching For Your Inner Peace. Tour dates available at http://idymusic.com.
Promo photos/bio information available at http://epk.idymusic.com
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