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Brain Candy - Dance Warriors

Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica, R&B, House, Dance

Salt Lake City

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Top 40 electro-dance pop that delivers infectious beats, fresh hooks and banging club anthems similar to Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Usher, etc.

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Brain Candy is an electro-pop band featuring musicians from Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The group officially formed in 2012 when Salt Lake City-based producer / keyboardest Funky Ike began collaborating with Los Angeles vocalists Carter B and aleXis to create fresh new pop music that reflects today's cutting-edge dance anthems heard in clubs throughout the world. They have released two albums: Brain Candy (2012) and Dance Warriors (2013).

Press Release

Pop Group’s High-Energy Second Album “Celebrates Life” and Delivers 10 Tracks of Fresh and Infectious Electronic Dance Pop

LOS ANGELES – Brain Candy announces the release of its second album DANCE WARRIORS.
Brain Candy comprises: Carter B, lead and background vocals; aleXis, lead and background vocals; and Funky Ike, synthesizers and programming. DANCE WARRIORS, produced by worldwide recording artist Isaiah Stewart, is a catchy, high-energy all-original album, comprising 10 tracks that soar past the heights of today’s best contemporary dance-pop music.
DANCE WARRIORS is exclusively available at cdbaby.com and will be distributed worldwide later this summer.
After the band’s debut album BRAIN CANDY (2011) culminated in impressive music sales throughout Europe and Japan, the stakes are high for DANCE WARRIORS, but “high stakes” are what drive Brain Candy’s passion for making infectious melody-driven music – music that always begins with one thing . . .
“Having fun,” Funky Ike says. “For us, music is about having fun first and foremost … dancing, getting crazy, partying with friends and having a blast. With this album we wanted to create music that’s meant for celebrating life. This meant firing up our own creative energy, delivering catchier and fresher vocal hooks, more infectious club beats, and giving our fans new dance-floor anthems that everyone can relate to.”
For Brain Candy, creating new “dance-floor anthems” that “celebrate life” meant powering up the overall energy of the album. On DANCE WARRIORS all songs are shorter and punchier – and contain more catchy and infectious musical hooks that instantly get into your head and stay there.
DANCE WARRIORS explodes out of the gate with “Free,” a powerful pop anthem, in the vein of Blackeyed Peas or Kanye West, that delivers emotional chord changes, lush string arrangements, and Carter B’s heartfelt, soulful lead vocals.”
“The song is about getting out of a relationship and remaining optimistic that the next one will be better,” Carter B says. “When you breakup with someone there is that incredible sadness – but there’s also a sense of newfound optimism that goes with it … a feeling of elation that you’re free to find that special person you’re really meant to be with.”
“Free” will be the album’s first single.
Swiftly following “Free” is the high-octane “Play It Loud,” featuring lead vocals by aleXis and powered by fierce throbbing synths, subterranean bass and a thundering “four on the floor” kick drum capable of shaking any house to its core foundation.
The party rolls on with “Get Down On The Floor,” a danceable old-school party joint featuring Carter B and aleXis trading off vocal duties. “The chorus ‘move your body’ is repeated over and over, and that’s exactly what we want everyone to do while they’re listening to this entire album,” aleXis says with a smile. “Get up and move that body!”
Next, things get prettier with “Take a Ride,” a melodic song asking listeners to “float away” and “take a ride in the sky.” “There’s a reference to ‘ecstasy’ in this song, but we’re talking about ecstasy as a blissful state of mind,” aleXis explains. “It’s not a drug reference.”
Carter B then returns to lead-vocal duties on the powerful and heartfelt “Touch The Sky,” a song about striving to achieve ones highest personal potential. “I really love this song,” Carter B says, “It’s a message from my heart to everyone out there about always reaching for the stars.” Then he adds, “For me personally, I’m singing to a very special girl. It’s about how, together, we can really help lift each other to incredible new heights in life.”
Next, the primary message of DANCE WARRIORS is delivered in the upbeat “Live It Up,” a song that’s “about having a great time and living life to the fullest,” Funky Ike says. “You could say that ’Live it up’ is the personal motto of our band – and the message we want to deliver to all of our listeners. Love your life and live it to the max!”
Everybody Dance” then follows with yet another message aimed directly at the audience to just get up and dance. “We dig classic disco and wanted to pay homage with an old-school-type joint but update the sound,” Funky Ike says. “I love this song. It’s my personal fave on the album – like this perfect fusion between classic disco and today’s cutting edge music-production technology.”
The pulsating synthesizer throb of “Radioactive” is unleashed next, bringing to mind visions of classic Donna Summer yet with a current, extremely powerful sound often heard on today’s dance floors throughout the world.
Got It Like That” swiftly follows and contains “the heaviest kick-drum on the entire album,” producer Isaiah Stewart says. “The song really makes you want to dance. It has like the deepest, coolest bass line ever composed – and we made sure the kick was really there to support it. Not only will the bass and kick in this song reduce your house to rubble … but the entire song will make you want to call up your friends for a party to end all parties.”
The album comes to a close with “All Eyes,” a funky, upbeat vocoder-powered track that really moves and grooves, sending DANCE WARRIORS out on the highest and funkiest of all possible notes.
With 10 perfect tracks of catchy electronic dance-pop, DANCE WARRIORS stands as the ultimate musical achievement for Brain Candy …
 “Our diehard fans – as well as people who have yet to check us out – are all going to love this album when they hear it,” Carter B says before getting more serious. “Sadly, today, we live in a world where a lot of nasty things are going on, but you can’t let it get you down. You still have to take time to celebrate life,” he says. “The everyday folks who take the worst of what life puts out – and yet fight to stay positive and make time for dancing and celebrating – are really today’s warriors. DANCE WARRIORS honors them.”

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