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Teamed with lead guitarist Julian Angel, VITNE brings you a style of rock music greatly influenced by hair metal and Japanese rock. From heavy hitters to heart-felt ballads with soaring guitars, VITNE's "Neon" is sure to please rock fans.

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Artist Biography

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Vitne grew up a child of the beach, a lover of the sea.  A dreamer.
First introduced to music as a child by violin, at a young age he discovered a natural affection for the flute, which he still plays to this day.  Over the years he developed a deep appreciation for American glam (or “hair”) metal as well as Japanese rock, influences that can certainly be heard and seen in his own work.
With Norway came love, and with love came renewed ambition.  He fronted the Norwegian hair-metal band SEKS in 2010-2012, receiving recognition from such renowned publications as AOR Magazine and SleazeRoxx.  But it came time to make a decision.
2013 marked a shift for Vitne with the release of his first solo effort, the 4-song “Not Far From Shallow Water” EP which featured two music videos directed by Vitne himself.  Growing up during the high time of MTV, he feels strongly about the importance and impact of music videos.  The first single, “Destroyer”, recently won “Best Music Video” for August 2013 by the Akademia Awards.
December 3rd, 2013, Vitne will release his debut solo album entitled “Neon”, a reflection of his greatest musical influences.

Press Release

HEADLINE:  Norway’s VITNE Premiers “Nasty Habit” Music Video
SUMMARY:  VITNE, American rock singer in Norway, debuts 3rd single from newly-released album NEON
DATELINE:  January 1, 2014, OSLO, NORWAY
Norway’s VITNE has released his new single entitled “Nasty Habit” alongside a new music video, marking the third single from his full-length album “Neon” released just before the new year (December 3rd, 2013).  Produced by VITNE and directed by Fajrin Affandi, the video features the singer with a variety of special effects, from cyberpunk imagery to computer animation.
VITNE’s “Neon” album released December 3rd, 2013, and has consistently received highly positive reviews with VITNE and his lead guitarist Julian Angel (of Beautiful Beast fame) being compared to a modern-day version of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.  SleazeRoxx says “Neon’ is a winner.... For the hard rock glam metal community at large, this oh-so-tasty collection of aural stimuli is as relentless as it is amazing.”  The album has received ratings of 9/10 (EGHTS.com), 8.5/10 (Rock Garage Germany), 8/10 (Heavy Paradise), and 4.5/5 (Sputnik Music).  Sputnik Music says “Neon” is a “A different, creative, and really refreshing new entry into the hard rock genre.”  
VITNE draws from a variety of musical influences from Jethro Tull to Japan’s mega-icon GACKT, hair-metal to Japanese visual kei.  Recently Vitne participated in Broken Rose Records’ omnibus project “Decadent Society Volume 1” featuring visual rock artists from all over the world.   
For fans of hard rock, glam metal, and visual rock.  Pick up your copy of VITNE’s “Neon” today.
Website:  http://www.VITNE.net
Contact:  Joseph Kimbrell - joseph@kagamientertainment.com


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