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Tony Clark and Killing Time - When I´m In My Car



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Tony hails from Seattle , but although the dark, brooding, wet and moisty sound that is associated with Post-Grunge is a big part of his style, his musical ventures into Indian music and Latin music have added colors to his style.

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Artist Biography

Tony Clark - Vocals, Guitars
Emil Abrigada - Bass
Sascha Baransky - Drums
Tall dark trees ... the stench of rotting seaweed and oysters, lingering
mist wafting over hills and towns. And the slightly deranged humour
of a race of men that run around in logger shirts drinking cappuccino -
all these things are quite apparent in Tony Clark´s songs, but the German based
Seattle native does have more to offer.
Years travelling the globe, sitting in the Himalayas meditating over a
sitar, playing the streets of Europe with South American Indians, or
bearing the icy cold waterfall of a Japanese zen monastery - all these
have left a trace in Tony's musical oeuvre.
Tony: "At some point, I decided the rock song was the right cup, the
flask, the vehicle for conveying my ideas. I tried other things, but
it was all too much of a compromise. I´m happy if I can write a good
rock song, with some spices thrown in for good measure."
Tony Clark and Killing Time have been together only for a few months
now, but the combination of Emil Abrigada on bass, Sascha Baransky on
drums, and Tony´s singing and guitar is the future. "Although we come
from really different backgrounds, we spent 3 or 4 hot days together
this last summer, and we all loved it...and it was clear that this is
the way we want to play."
"Emil has played bass in so many hard´n´heavy bands, he’s just gotten
harder and heavier than anyone on the planet!," says Tony.  "I’ve
seen few men who are such a perfect manifestation of the instrument:
BIG, HEAVY, BASS ... a superstar in his own right. I dare anybody to
even try to get his fingers around that 6-string neck. Emil is
amazing, the essence of low-down, bass, and right on time. His credits
include These China Bombs, Bonneville, X-amination and many
"Sascha is cool...until he gets out of hand. A few days before our
debut show, he broke his hand because he just needed to smack
somebody. I was nervous, but I knew, if I gave him a bottle of vodka,
he'd play. It all went well. "We're all a little "Fight Club" inside, aren't we ?
Sascha plays drums. As matter of fact, his Dad, also a drummer, says he's
never done anything else. He's done Europe's major hard rock festival,
Wacken, as well as a bunch of other local gigs.
So here's our little offering: When I'm In My Car:
"She's At the Center of Her World" is about girls that simply need to
go shopping … ya know? And it's the same the world over, Victoria …"
"When I'm In My Car" - It's all just about a very subjective view of
the world.  I can't seem to concentrate unless I'm on my way to a show. Until I know where I'm driving to, where I've got to get to until night falls. If I don't have that focus, I
fall to pieces.
"Stupid (Tonto)" - This is a song originally directed at Dick Cheney. Maybe he'll hear
it one day.
"I Am the Dirt" deals with the lack of civil courage. I simply cannot understand why people stand by and watch when others are being harmed....it's a sad reality of our cities these days. A guy gets beat up by a bunch of idiots ... I'd rather stand up and risk getting
involved in a fight than spend my life wishing I did.
"Fat Girls in the Pool" - Well, it's all nonsensical.....or.... about a real good party in a pool, you chose.

Press Release
Tony Clark and Killing Time release their latest EP - When I´m In My Car on Vanity Music Group
( Frankfurt, Germany, July 2013 ) . Seattle native singer and guitarist Tony Clark has released the 5 track EP with his new band „ Tony Clark and Killing Time“ through the US label Vanity Music Group - produced in Germany and has “Achtung!  Rock!” indelibly engraved on every track.
In much the same way as the automobile industry of “the Fatherland” is renowned for precision engineering and quality, this musical vehicle has all the attributes that make you want to drive it again and again and again.
Tony (Vocals and Guitars) & cohorts; Emil Brigada (Bass) and Sascha Baransky (Drums) have an established musical pedigree covering a true plethora of genres and together they produce a big, BIG sound that will not endear you to the neighbors because this offering is best heard with the amp cranked and the CD player battened down.
Track by track it goes like this:
Listening to When I’m In My Car could lull you into a false sense of security with its laid back, cruising groove however, Tony’s solo slicing in from left field like an airborne scalpel serves as a writ for what is about to come.
Stupid (TONTO) was written with one of the world’s many prolific, political warmongers in mind and whilst he shall remain nameless here so as to avoid embarrassing George Bush for selecting him as Vice President, this is one angry track with the combined rhythm engine punching and kicking you into submission from start to finish and the guitars completing the proverbial full frontal assault. Somewhat unusually, the lyrics are in (language) and even if you don’t speak (language), Tony’s venomous delivery leaves you in no doubt that forgiveness is not on the agenda.
With the opening line including those loving words “you’re a slut”, the tone for She’s At The Center of Her World is set and the song rocks through a lighthearted look at the shopping excesses that drain the will to live from many a good man or woman.  In fact, you could even be forgiven for thinking this could be personal and you just know that you can relate or?
In stark contrast to the previous track, there is nothing lighthearted about any aspect of I Am The Dirt.  The sedate opening is shattered by the band at it’s most convincing and it’s clear the guys are doing anything but “killing time”.  This is a solid slab of rock with a chorus you will be hooked on before the final note.
Fat Girls In The Pool is the perfect way to round off; nothing like a debauchery themed song with what could be pharmaceutically influenced lyrics to finish the session and this song takes you straight off the high board until your dragged out the other end.
Bottom line, this band is as tight as an otter’s ear and there’s something here for even the most discerning rock fan so do yourself a favor and buy it.

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