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Joe Olnick - Up All Night

Instrumental Funk Fusion


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Harrisburg, PA guitarist Joe Olnick's compositions are instrumental and improvisational in nature, with an emphasis on jazz/rock fusion and ambient atmospheres. Always soulful, jazzy and funky!

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Harrisburg, PA guitarist Joe Olnick has been recording and playing in bands for many years, playing acoustic & electric guitar, as well as bass and percussion.

His albums are instrumental and improvisational in nature, with an emphasis on jazz/rock fusion and ambient atmospheres. Original compositions also include modern acoustic guitar, progressive rock, and funk stylings.

Some songs are just an acoustic guitar, while others might be explosive, full-band jams or funk grooves!. Or it might be an ambient wash of tone, with no beat at all.

In addition to writing and performing music, Joe is also known for his audio engineering & production, having worked full-time as a studio engineer. And he has also worked on stage lighting design for his performances as well as collaborating with other bands. With Joe, it's all about communication: of ideas, moods or emotions, and using creativity in whatever forms that help to achieve that communication.
Listen.com says about the Up All Night album: "A variety of guitar-driven jams featuring Hendrix-ian chordal acoustic guitar, bare-bones wah-Funk and mellow jazz explorations. Olnick's an electronics experimenter as well, exploring Ambient and effected sounds."

Joe talks about the making of the album: " I got together with a drummer from a band we were in previously, and we just jammed for hours and hours one day. All of the material we did was completely improvised as we went along. Taking it back to my house, I edited the jams down to distinct songs, overdubbed the bass lines, more guitar parts, percussion, etc. For some of the numbers, I looped what the drummer had done, and layered more parts on top of that. By working this way, I was able to capture some really great, free musical moments and work with them to create some interesting sonic spaces."

From the crying sadness of 'Dire', the reggae groove of 'Swamp Funk', the shimmering acoustic layers of 'Voices In The Stream', the barely awake, chairs-on-the-tables, last-slow-dance-of-the-night ambience of 'After Hours', the epic improvisations in 'Tall Tales', the party jam of 'Beach House', the relentless funk onslaught of 'Main Drag On A Saturday Night', to the dreamy but then explosive 'Regeneration', it's an all-original instrumental fusion of grooves, jams, ambience, and tone!

Press Release
Joe Olnick: Fans All Over The World
February 17, 2014
They say that music is an international language that brings people together, and Harrisburg, PA guitarist Joe Olnick is proving it once again!
His classic CD Up All Night has been remastered and expanded.  Working with a local drummer, Joe wrote, recorded, and produced the CD, playing all other instruments.  The singles “Beach House” and “Dire” have been streamed and loved all over the world, with particularly strong sales at iTunes Europe.
“I've always loved instrumental music, and having lived overseas when I was younger, I had a hunch that my original material would do well,” Joe said recently.  “Not only have I been getting fan e-mails from across the USA, but I have been getting a steady stream of support from all over the world: UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Israel and even Kenya.  I just got an e-mail today from a new fan in Romania.”
Having worked full-time at radio stations and as an audio engineer at a professional recording studio, Joe set high standards for himself.  He knew that standing out from everybody else would require not only audiophile production but also something to say that anybody could relate to.
Joe has always been inspired all of his life by musicians that crossed musical as well as geographic boundaries such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jerry Garcia, Brian Eno, Nels Cline and Medeski, Martin & Wood.  
“My very first memories are of sitting around a turntable and listening to albums by The Ventures that my family would stack up and play for me,” according to Joe.  “They were a band that was big here as well as overseas, and now I'm starting to see similar success.  It's a great feeling to be able to communicate moods & emotions in a creatively satisfying, personal manner like this and have people around the country and the globe be moved enough by it to want to contact me.”
Joe's creativity extends to working with friends on musical projects, as a lead guitarist and in other ways, too.  His audio engineering skills have helped bands to get signed to major labels, but he is also well known for his stage lighting design that he has donated to help out other bands that he supports.  One of the first lighting designers in the US to utilize LED lighting, he has worked to scale down arena-style lighting to smaller clubs.
“At one point I was getting calls from all over the Northeast US for lighting work, and I had to decline so that I could concentrate on my real passion, which is writing and recording my original material,” Joe says.  His creative success continues!
He is currently working on more material, due out later this year.
Website: http://www.joeolnick.com
E-mail: joe@joeolnick.com
Phone: 717 763 1902

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