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Albert Bacardit is a seasoned musician who has written for several artists. Often on tour or in the studio, his debut album "Struggle" has taken long to arrive yet quickly captures the listener's attention via exceptionally powerful songs.

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Albert starts playing the guitar at the age of 9, learning classical music and Spanish traditional songs. Gradually, his interest shifts to rock by listening to the great artists of the 70s and 80s. Thus, he joins several bands in Lleida, his hometown, and enters different contests. One of his songs is included in a record which is given significant publicity in major radio stations. The song goes by the name of “Soledat” and is actually revisited in Struggle.
Meanwhile, Albert begins studying English language and literature so as to gain better understanding of the songwriters he most admires and express his musical ideas likewise. In the last year of his career, he earns a grant to study at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, where he gets in touch with the local music community. Back home, he joins a professional orchestra, getting abundant knowledge of latin styles as well as covering several famous artists. During this time, he tours Spain widely as he collaborates with other musicians and teaches guitar and English language for a living.
Following a year of voluntary service in a hospital, he writes a doctoral thesis about biohazard literature. In the late nineties, he moves to Barcelona, joins different cover bands and begins writing songs for other people as well as recording jingles and demos. After gaining a post in the State Education Department, he finishes his PhD and specializes in business and medical English. With the death of his mother and the arrival of his daughter, he decides it is time to put all these experiences into his debut album.

Press Release
Covering such diverse styles as funk, dance or even rap, Albert's compositions never fully abandon a characteristic rocking demeanour. Featuring a dynamic vocal style that may remind of David Bowie, whom he covers in "Nina d'Orient" (China Girl), his guitar playing certainly evokes Eric Clapton or David Gilmour in its elegance and warmth. Themes like loneliness, passion or the arrival and departure of loved ones are considered through gentle vocals and refined guitars. Either in English or Catalan, Albert's lyrics are deep and mature, showing it is possible to write rock songs which do not exclusively revolve around trivial matters.
Alternatively, Albert Bacardit PhD is also a researcher who has published "The Biohazard Message" (Saarbrücken 2011) and whose website is often visited by those who seek information about epidemics, acts of biowarfare and bioterrorism, and biological accidents.

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