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Symfinity - Apocrypha

Symphonic Alternative

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Hard rock music meets classical music with large orchestral sound. New EP, Apocrypha is acoustic, piano-based, album with vocals, orchestra and flute soloist: Predominantly orchestral pop ballads.

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Artist Biography

Symfinity is a symphonic alternative rock band founded by singer/songwriter/orchestrator Seann Branchfield in 2009 under the name "Seann Branchfield and the Unnamed Band". The band played numerous venues in New York before officially changing lineups a couple times and changing to the name Symfinity by 2010.

 In 2012, the band released their first album, Intangible Dreams, followed by a period of recording. In 2013, with a new full lineup, the band began touring, playing festivals in the Northeastern US while continuing recording new albums. The band just released an acoustic EP called Apocrypha with piano, vocals and orchestra in January 2014. A full album, called Anthem will be released later in the year featuring a live 50-piece orchestra.

Press Release
Symfinity, an alternative symphonic rock band just released an acoustic album called Apocrypha in January 2014. The album features vocals, piano, flute and orchestra. Composer/Songwriter, Seann Branchfield, sings, plays piano, oboe and trumpet, while bandmate Lynette Ford plays flute and bandmate Crystal Kim engineers and masters the album. The album is mostly ballads with a couple acoustic rock tracks. symfinity.bandcamp.com

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