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Jennings - Collapse, Collide


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Singer/songwriter Mary Jennings creates a huge sound with a loop station, pop/rock piano leanings, and big voice. Her lyrics and vocal melodies are filled with emotion taking audiences on an emotional rollercoaster with every performance.

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At a time when the pop music landscape is cluttered with female artists who seem more interested in outrageous behavior and tabloid headlines than crafting an inspirational sound, Mary Jennings offers a refreshing alternative both musically and personally. 
With an enormous singing voice that transcends her small frame, an extraordinary rock sound full of robust piano hooks, and a one-of-a-kind storytelling ability drawn from a remarkable and emotional history, Mary has carved out her own unique niche in the industry by doing things her way.
Born into a family with strong musical roots, she began playing piano at five and has fond memories of her paternal grandparents teaching her vocal harmonies at a young age – a skill that is very evident in her work today. Mary’s adolescent and teenage years were marked by her development on piano and the cultivation of her vocal ability through many school plays and musicals, but it was the sudden death of her mother in 2001 that prompted a seismic surge in her musical expression.
“When people ask me why I’m a musician, I tell them that it’s largely because music is my therapy,” she says. “That entire notion really began with the death of my mom. My dad offered to help me record an album shortly after her death, and the experience of writing about what I was going through at the time went a long way towards helping me cope.”
It was on that album that Mary established her creative foundation, writing music that immediately bonds her to the listener in a genuine way. That openness, and the raw emotion inherent in both her writing and voice, has been a cornerstone of her work ever since.  She has never shied away from delving into darker, edgier topics either – her willingness to apply some of the more painful experiences from her past to her music has endeared her to many fans and observers, particularly those who may be dealing with troubling emotions of their own.
While the music alone makes Mary Jennings an artist that fans can easily relate to, her somewhat quirky personality and a diverse range of interests have also gone a long way towards building a bond with her fan base.  An avid horror movie fan, she has more than 400 fright flicks in her own private collection and openly admits that being scared and thrilled is probably her biggest geek factor. Her love for thrifting and secondhand clothing, something she learned from her mother, is a major influence on her vintage style and the inspiration behind the enormously popular clothing swap shows that she has hosted in a number of U.S. cities. More recently, Mary has embraced a green lifestyle by making homemade laundry detergent, deodorant, body scrubs, and bubble baths and she loves sharing her ideas and creations with fans on social media.
“I don’t want my fans thinking of me as just another musician asking them to come to shows or buy music,” she remarks. “It’s more important, and fun, to engage with them and shine a little light on my hobbies and personal life because at the end of the day, I’m really not much different from any of them.”
Mary’s strong work ethic and commitment to her craft has paid off handsomely in recent years. A Casio-sponsored artist, she was featured in an online advertising campaign for the company’s new line of keyboards in 2011 and her song “The Darkness” was placed in the Lionsgate motion picture The Devil’s Seed (ironically, a horror film).
Mary has organized a number of extensive tours as well, opening for artists such as Jeffrey Gaines, Rachel Sage, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera, and Rachel Yamagata, and she has appeared at several major festivals including CMJ and South by Southwest. She often treats fans to a unique stage set-up when performing on her own, prominently featuring a loop pedal that she uses to effortlessly layer rhythmic beats and beautiful background harmonies over her unmistakably unique piano playing and vocals.
Whether you experience Mary Jennings on stage or on one of the handful of albums she has released, you’re witnessing a very special artist who has confidently found her voice over the course of a long, and at time, heartbreaking journey.  
Listen and learn more at www.maryjennings.com.

Press Release
Mary Jennings is a songwriter and musician and packs quite a punch in her small framed body.  Her music, however, is full bodied, enriched with the most heartfelt storylines and delivered to audiences in a most profound format.  Her music style is unique combining a wide range of rock and pop sounds that seem to grab the audiences at their very core.  Her sound was initiated by the sudden passing of her mother in 2001. “I believe that the difference between an artist and the average person is a fearless and relentless willingness to expose their quirks, oddities, secrets, and passions for all of the world to see and hear”, states Mary.  Music became a source of therapeutic release creating a strong bond between herself and her fans.
Accolades and accomplishments include but are not limited to:
  • Worked with Billboard charting songwriters
  • Her single “The Darkness” was placed in Lionsgate film Devil Seed
  • She has toured with and has opened for Mike Doughty, Jeffrey Gaines, Teddy Geiger, Taylor Dayne, Rachael Sage, Rachel Yamagata and Chris Thile of Nickel Creek
  • She has played during SXSW, CMJ, Dewey Beach Festivals Popfest, Chickfest and other annual music conferences
  • She is a Casio sponsored artist
Mary Jennings released “Collapse Collide” in 2011 which reflects the growth of an artist and woman whose journey, though heart-breaking at times, has come out at the other end a confident and enlightened individual. Her newfound awareness flows through her veins and releases through her astounding arrangements that capture your attention.  These pop songs are refreshing and a delight to listen to.
In 2012 Mary’s most recent project “Take It or Leave (Live Album) was released to rave reviews. Her music has become her personal message and mission drawing audiences from every corner of the world as she continues her growth.
Mary Jennings arrangements are soulful.  Her voice is powerful and emotional due to the fact that her storylines come from her own life experiences.   This makes her music very relatable and audiences love that about her.
She is currently releasing her songs as singles so that fans can quickly experience her songs in real time.  She is planning for a lot of house concerts and online shows through www.stageit.com and www.concertwindow.com

You can listen to and/or purchase her music by logging onto www.maryjennings.com.

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