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Black Aces - Instru-Metal

Instrumental Metal / Alternative Rock

Rio de Janeiro

Band Description

The Black Aces sound mixes the raw grunge of Instrumental Heavy Metal with hard, fast melodic tones and frequent tempo shifts.

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Artist Biography

Black Aces is a Brazilian Alternative Rock band that formed in 2010 in the North of Rio de JaneiroBrazil. The band is the creation of Gildo Santos (Father to legendary child drummer, Letícia Santos) which in addition to her, includes bassist and primary songwriter Daniel Cardoso, lead guitarist David Ataualpa, and lead singer - Gabriel Bastos.
The Black Aces sound mixes the raw grunge of Instrumental Heavy Metal with hard, fast melodic tones and frequent tempo shifts. The lyrics have primarily been written by Cardoso, but in 2013 the band added frontman Garbiel Bastos (whose influence on the band's lyrics and musical direction has been seen with the inclusion of Rap Metal), to their already eclectic sound. As a result, their current discography is more stylistically varied than many of their underground scene contemporaries.

Early years (2010–2012)

One of the band's founding members, Letícia Santos - was born on December 16th, 1999 in the Botafogo area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She had been playing drums since the age of 4, and became quite a sensation with local news and media agencies throughout Rio. At the age of 6, she and her first band, Banda 3 1/2, were interviewed by Jô Soares on the television show Programa do Jô, where her talents were first introduced during a drum solo of the band's cover of 'Hey Man'. Her individual accolades also include performances on TV Xuxa during the 'Festival de Talentos' (Festival of Talents), which she won - as well as interviews with Reuters, local magazines, and other local news outlets. But it was her drum solo performance on the show Domingão do Faustão that finally provided her Father with the motivation to form a new band that would allow her growing talent to be matched by other equally talented musicians. And so - the search began, with the ultimate lineup becoming solidified in late 2010 to include Cardoso and Ataualpa. Black Aces performed in some 50 shows to the end of 2012, and released their first full length CD Instru-Metal comprised of 12 songs in January of 2013.

Bastos joins (2013)

Former lead singer of the band Version 3.0, Gabriel Bastos was a known singer/lyricist to Daniel Cardoso. When Bastos's group disbanded in mid 2012, he contacted Cardoso several times to see if they would be interested in a lead singer for Black Aces. After a single screening - he was well received by all, and became their leading man in January 2013.

New beginnings (2013 - Present)

2013 marked many important milestones for the band. In addition to the release of Instru-Metal, and Bastos becoming the frontman, their venues began to grow in size (both for the band and individually). They released a handful of cover song singles, as well as 2 new songs of their own (with music videos that went viral on YouTube to a broader worldwide audience). They also launched their own Internet radio station on SHOUTcast called Black Aces radio, and became more involved with the various online communities of FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud.
 Current members
  • Letícia Santos - drums (2010–present)
  • Daniel Cardoso - bass (2010–present)
  • David Ataualpa - guitar (2010–present)
  • Gabriel Bastos - vocals (2013-present)
 Studio albums
  • 23 Minutos (original work - 2013)
  • Samba Makossa (cover song - 2013)
  • Que País É Esse (cover song - 2013)
  • Geração Coca~Cola (cover song - 2013)
  • Novo Mundo (original work - 2013)


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