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Antony Venneri - Beware

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My name is Antony Venneri,poet songwriter,international recording artist.I have been living and performing succesfully in towns like Los Angeles,New Orleans and Dublin and my music has different styles such as blues,rock,classical and oriental music.

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I am a songwriter,poet,recording artist with international experience.Originally from Italy,I write both italian and english songs but prefered to write and and perform in english and so I moved to Los Angeles,New Orleans and Dublin where I lived and played live music succesfully for a long time.My songs are deep and poetic and just like my poems can touch people hearts and souls no matter where they come from,or what their age,religion or social class are.I receive great comments on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/kingoftheairmusic and I love all the aspects of music and I put the same amount of passion,fun and love in writing,recording and performing my songs.


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