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GlobalMusic4 Life - In God We Trust


New York

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Founded by Dr. Kiki Hurt this groundbreaking company is using media to relay the importance of healthy living.

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Artist Biography
Kiki Hurt, M.D.
Founder & Executive Producer
GlobalMusic4 Life

Dr. Kiki Hurt, M.D. is an Author and Board Certified internist, anesthesiologist,
and a critical care physician. She is the founder of Global Music4 Life, a
program that has grown out of a more than two-decade career spent studying the
management of acutely dying patients. It is a comprehensive wellness program
that provides medical expertise and knowledge to help people lead healthier and
happier lives.

She is also an extraordinarily talented writer, artist, singer, Music Producer and
Executive Producer. She has written, or co-written all the songs for
GlobalMusic4 Life, using her medical expertise to ensure the messages getting across were absolutely right and to
the point. She thrives in a studio as Producer, exploiting the nuances that make her songs click, in many cases adding
her own vocal and voice-over tracks to give them the life they deserve.

Her company provides an endless flow of Health information, by incorporating positive Music Health, positive
Video Health, and positive Animated Videos. She pumps out Health Cartoons on a weekly basis and Health blogs,
wherein a 24/7 subscription can be purchased to ask questions about Health, or get “Save Your Own Life” e-books.
Viewers can watch weekly Health webisodes, purchase video games, GM4L Clothing, hats, water bottles, exercise
programs and cook books via Apps for iPhone or Android platforms.

Dr. Hurt trained in Internal Medicine at Lutheran General Hospital in Park, IL, Anesthesiology at the University of
Illinois at Chicago, and Critical Care Medicine at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. She received her medical
degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago, and studied advanced training in Cardiac Tranesophageal Echo at David
Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. A member of the American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists
(www.ascca.org) and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (www.scahq.org), Dr. Hurt has appeared on
numerous Internet and radio shows.

Raised humbly in a small town in rural Tennessee, Dr. Hurt credits her academic success and professional
achievements to a stern and loving great-grandmother, a host of self-discipline, and an overwhelming motivation to
help all individuals live their best healthiest and happiest life. Dr. Hurt sees on a daily basis people die from
preventable disease in the hospital. Every month Dr. Hurt has to say to countless families, “Sorry for your loss.”
Dr. Hurt wants to be able to say those words less by empowering patients to understand when they are in trouble.
Patients believe their deaths don’t affect the physician. Dr. Hurt strongly disagrees. That is why she started by writing
a Mini Medical Book-Mini Book 1: How the Body Works and When to Seek Medical Attention.” Packed with health
and wellness advice, Mini Medical- Mini Book 1 was designed as a blueprint to help manage and promote good
health. Combined with heavy social media, Dr. Kiki Hurt’s daily Health Tid Bits, has become an interactive forum
where readers seek medical advice on everyday health questions and concerns; "Medicine, Life, and a little Laughter"
fosters the principles of good health self-management and self-care. The GlobalMusic4 Life project and everything
you will see in the future from Dr. Kiki Hurt is because death does affect physicians.
Dr. Hurt currently resides in both New York and Los Angeles.

Press Release

Renowned Physician and Alternative Music Troupe
GlobalMusic4 Life Releases Debut Album “In God We Trust”
November 30, 2013 (LOS ANGELES)—Today, board certified internal medicine trauma critical care physician and anesthesiologist, Dr. Kiki Hurt alongside her music troupe GlobalMusic4 Life, releases their new album In God We Trust on iTunes. The album, which features nine songs, is the second release in their “music for medicine” anthology and spreads the message of health and wellness through song. The album features catchy songs over popular, familiar beats all produced by Dr. Hurt herself in conjunction with various artist and lead producer, song writer and performer, Marty James.   Fan favorite single “One More Chance,” a cover of late rap legend Notorious BIG’s classic single, speaks to taking another stab at living life the healthy way.  “The Man,” another known track from the project, emphasizes how pride can sometimes get in the way of taking proper physical care which could result in life threatening circumstances. Oftentimes, medical patients are viewed as statistics and case studies and aren’t given personalized love and care.  In another track called “ICU,” Dr. Hurt acknowledges the individual, and highlights the importance of catering to their unique needs to aid in the recovery process. The entire project enforces good health and proper self-care.
Dr. Hurt is the creative director of GlobalMusic4 Life—her handpicked group of talented vocalists, rappers and musicians. Known in the medicinal field as the alternative to ObamaCare, Dr. Hurt’s affinity for healthcare stems from her esteemed tenure and dedication to the medical field. This passion is conveyed through her desire to educate others about taking the proper steps to healthy living after witnessing the alarming amount of fatalities firsthand that were a result of preventable diseases. Moreover, Dr. Hurt is using the platform of music to inform, educate and provide the resources needed to improve the quality of life for many, no matter race, sexual orientation, age or gender.
Purchase In God We Trust here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-god-we-trust/id766225317?ls=1. For more of Dr. Hurt’s expertise, be sure to also purchase her book Mini Medical School Mini Book 1: How the Body Works and When to Seek Medical Attention which is available now on iTunes, https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kiki-hurt/id418695465?mt=11&uo=4.
For more information on In God We Trust, Dr. Hurt and GlobalMusic4 Life visit the following:

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