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Blunda - Messages EP

Indie Electronic

North Hollywood

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Blunda is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Andy Blunda. The sound is moody, synthesized, indiepop delivered in a unique Blunda style.
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Artist Biography  
Blunda is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Andy Blunda. A classical pianist at University, Blunda landed a touring gig with the texas trio Fastball at age 20 where the success of their song “The Way” kept him on the road for 2 years. Shortly after he joined Paloalto, who recorded two albums with producer Rick Rubin on his American Recordings label. After years of touring and recording in bands, Blunda made the decision to start recording his own material which he had been writing off and on for the last decade. Messages is Blunda’s second solo EP, and it is his most focused effort to date. It was recorded, produced & mixed by Andy out of his home studio in North Hollywood. The sound is a blend of 80s new wave & moody indie pop delivered in a very unique style. Look for it in January 2014 on iTunes and Spotify.

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