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Laurelle - All The Way

Pop/R&B Hip hop
United States
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Laurelle melds pop, R&B and hip-hop into a track composed with a positive meaning and message for her fans ... a true creative chameleon.
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Laurelle Artist Bio
Lyndsi "Laurelle" Hicks was born June 1st, 1992 at Fairfax Hospital in  Fairfax, Virginia. From an early age, Laurelle had developed an early passion for music. Her father, John and Tammi, were in a band, and had a studio set up in their home that would help shape her into a young musician.
At the age of 6, Laurelle was struck with viral and bacterial meningitis that nearly took her life. But when she was found singing Celine Dion's, My Heart Will Go On, from there her destiny was for told. By the age of 10 she had performed in many talent shows, and various music competitions around the Northern Virginia area.
In her early teens, Laurelle had started working on her first demo that consisted of four cover songs and one original entitled B-O-Y. She drew inspiration for the song while watching 106 and Park, and envisioning her video was the new joint for the day. From there she realized that her passion was no longer a dream, but a reality. Laurelle continued to work hard and perfecting her craft by enrolling in vocal lessons, competing in competitions, and performing at local spots around the area.
She would draw inspiration for her sound from many of the industries great's. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Billie Holiday are just a few too name. One of Laurelle's greatest achievements was being able to sing the National Anthem for the National Police Department on the 4th of July. Now a days, Laurelle continues to pursue her career by continuously recording, performing, and making new videos for her fans.
She plans to make her mark in music heavy, but also a hard, inspirational, and impacting one as well. Laurelle's goal with her music is to not only be an international phenomenon, but to touch the lives of people everywhere in a positive and effective manner.
Press Release

Laurelle Takes it … "All The Way"
Laurelle's latest single release is a musical meld of pop, R&B hip-hop composed with meaning and message.
"As soon as the industry thinks they've figured out what I'm going to do artistically, I like to hit them with another new surprise."  – Laurelle
LaurelleLEESBURG, VIRGINIA (23 DECEMBER 2013) – You could call Laurelle a creative chameleon … because as an artist, she can instantly switch into new genres and styles - all on a whim … And that's precisely how she likes it.

Her latest single," All The Way," is no exception. Showing her true colors in the song, she melds pop, R&B and hip-hop into a track composed with a positive meaning and message for her fans.

"I'm not afraid of trying something new," explains Laurelle. She continues, "As an artist you must have confidence - and take risks - all while knowing your limits." Ironically, her latest offering, "All The Way" is a song themed on risk. Written by Laurelle and co-writer Andre Taylor, the composition lyrically describes the paradox between having fun at the club, and the fine-line where fun becomes dangerous.

While the song is about limits, stylistically, it may know no limits – reflecting Laurelle's varied musical interest over the years. Musically, she was influenced by the likes of everything from the legendary Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin - to modern day hit-makers like Mariah Carey and Beyoncé.
Laurelle"All The Way" was produced by Blind Entertainment and engineered by Christopher Rafetto. It follows other tracks with recent radio success for Laurelle, including, the release of "Compare to You" which hit #1 on The Top 50 Independent Artist Charts.

In addition, her 2013 single releases of "Time" and "Years Ago" received significant airplay. "No matter what song, style or genre I am working in, my goal is to ensure my music touches people in a positive manner," explains Laurelle. The true colors of this creative chameleon are honorable, and they shine through … "All The Way."

Andre Taylor | RoyalTay Entertainment

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