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dysorderlies - going for the dream

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new york
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We are a NYC based original indie rock band who are starting a revolution to reclaim the clubs and rock and roll for all people! We have an edgy sound that incorporates elements of many styles of music. We are strong vocally and guitar driven.
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We are an exciting new original indie/rock band, starting a revolution to take back the clubs and re-claim rock and roll for all people.  Our original, provocative and catchy rock/pop songs cover many real-life themes.  We pack clubs, usually starting BEFORE 9 pm: Our fans will be home to relieve their babysitters and get good nights' sleep. Real-Life Music for Real Life People - Dysorderlies...'cause life is.  Check out “Don’t Mess Around With My Boy” an edgy tune about a mom who rages against the kids bullying her son.  You can also listen to “Jerry” about one man's struggles with homelessness. www.myspace.com/nikkineretin
Nikki Neretin, MD (lead singer, guitarist and creator) is the Director of Homeless Services for the Institute for Family Health in NYC.  A professional singer, she works as a doctor for fun and to pay the bills.  She is also mom to Lili and Adam, two wonderful teens. Her work with street homeless clients for the last 20 years has helped to create the meaningful backdrop of this influential and important music.  Nikki also works as a keynote performer, using her vast experiences with the three M's - medicine, music and motherhood - to inspire many others.
Chip Calcagni (lead guitarist, vocalist and creator) When not playing guitar and writing music for Dysorderlies, Chip Calcagni is an architect and aikidoist. Working in New York City bands since the mid-seventies, he has developed projects that range from rock, country, progressive and jazz styles. Most recently he worked with saxophonist Jesus Santiago, bassist Peter Archer and drummer Matt Crawford on the new music quartet Not-Yet. Their CD “Stale Caviar" is on iTunes and was recorded in 2004. Frustrated with current offerings from the music amplifier business Chip taught himself electronics, and builds and designs custom-made guitar and bass amplifiers. 
You can see one of our live concerts at www.youtube.com/user/dysorderlies
Dysorderlies can be contacted at our webpage:
Nikki Neretin can be contacted at nikner@aol.com
much love, 
Nikki and Chip

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