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Decadent Heroes - Shades of Light

Instrumental Rock
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Instrumental rock with great melodic themes, burning solos and classy yet powerful rhythm section.
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Artist Biography
Decadent Heroes are the solo project of the former guitarist of Smokin' Steps and Plasic Ash Decadent Hero.
"The focus is to write great rock themes with a lot of melodies and a distinct, personal sound...  I lke the solos, but melody comes first!" (Decadent Hero) 
The project started in 2008 with the recording of an EP, Flyin' High, wich included 2 original instrumental rock songs (Flyin' High, Morning break) and a cover of Ten Words (Joe Satriani).
In 2012 was released the second EP titled Shades of Light.
The new EP included 3 new songs (Smoke in the Air, Shades of Light, Ares Era) and the remastered version of Flyin' High and Morning Break.
Smoke in the Air, the first single, achieved the PLATINUM UPLAYA AUDDY AWARD with a score of 8.9/10.
The second single, Ares Era, reached the PLATINUM status in the HITMAKER REPORT (TUNEHOG), while Shades of Light was considered GOLD and Flyin' High UNIQUE.
Here are some REVIEWS of Smoke in the Air  from the listeners on REVERBNATION:
"The song starts out strong, trendy, with a high pitch. The electricals are captivating and moving. The drum music is strong and the song makes me want to move. This is a sound that would be great for dancing. The beat is in tune and the music makes me want to hear more. It has my attention and there is a lot of raw talent there. The fact that there are no lyrics and vocals there just makes it better because they are bad by themselves. Keep on producing great music like this. You deserve a big break within the music industry. I would hire you any day!"
"The start is silent and then feels like an 80's rock band entering from outer space. The beat is solid and the musicians sound very talented. It has an exceptionally long intro but it has depth and sounds almost like an argument between lovers and doesn't get boring. I'm not sure there even re lyrics but the guitar solos are filled with emotion and it is very fun to dance to."
"Great sound!! an enormous song and great instrumentals.. really rises to this song.. the guitar has such electricity to it the compelling drum in this and the percussion that it has brings this song to another level. a sound and free spirited mix that is so accomplished. the full range of this song is complete and together"
"The outer space tones of the intro will have listeners wondering what direction this track is going in. With the hopes that the track doesn't disappoint. The instrumentals are a vibrant blaring tone of well pounded drums and an electric guitar that are restless on the track. The tempo is medium-fast paced with an electrifying melody of strong tones. The instrumentals are well balanced on the track and make for a great rock song. The instrumentals were played without vocals. The track has a powerful sound quality of perfectly mastered tones. The composer of the beat did an amazing job in the creation of this beat. It almost sounds as if the instruments are singing on the track. The notes are perfectly played. The electric guitar has a monstrous sound that tingles in your ears. I love the well srtummed guitar as it rings out high and low pitches. You can seriously hear the guitar speaking words of pleasantries into your ear as the track plays. Now this is what you call music. The composer of the beat did more than amazing. The player of the guitar is a very seasoned art of talent that I highly commend on his performance. This track didn't need vocals and I know other listeners will agree. Awesome, awesome, awesome!"
"On the start of the song i thought i am listening an intro from guns and roses and this is not bad... Guitar solo is awesome and the beat proceeding is strong and melodic tone is rhythmic and engaging throughout the song Professionaly done song to my taste.. this is instrumental pieca but i think it got potential to become a hit and the artist could easily become very known... guitar passes and solo is awesome"
"Mysterious, almost bizarre sound right from the beginning. The lead guitar takes over and runs with it. He is quite talented and captivates the song. Sound is inviting and makes you listen intently. The guitarist is overwhelming and enthralling! He has great potential to go mainstream and I am serious. He is a fantastic guitar player. More power to you!"
"Nice beat, tempo, and vibe. I could keep this on repeat and vibe to it all day. I even came up with a nice little hook to he track. I could see maroon five on this track. Its Sold!!!!"
Press Release

Stuart Cheese 
Vice President of UK A&R - One Night Stand:
What a great performance. Decadent Heroes show true mastery of the guitar and leave the rest of us playing our air guitar in awe. Tracks like this deserve to be heard at full volume, with the top rolled down, cruising on the highway. It's either that....or it's time to wakt the neighbours!
“Decadent Heroes deliver yet another knock out performance. Sit back and put your speakers on 11 ”
Solo instrumental albums have become rare in the current state of music. The beauty of just instruments without the use of vocals to lead a song along can be inspiring. Our latest find knows just how to do this. 
We were recently introduced to "Shades Of Light", the second EP from the solo project of former guitarist of Smokin’ Steps and Plastic Ash who now does by the moniker Decadent Heroes. The band is based in Pescara, Italy, but appeals on world stage. 
The 5 track EP "Shades Of Light" ncludes 3 original songs and 2 re-mastered tracks from a previous release. 
Smoke in the Air: This EP opens with the platinum, Uplaya Auddy Award winning track. This is the beginning and anticipation to the experience ahead. This track feels like it is going to be story driven journey.
Shades of Light: This Gold considered track opens with drums and proceeds with melodic Electric Guitar. It gives a certain feel and notion of a bright day and ability to look towards the future, standing in shadows, with possibilities of new possibilities. It has a hook that hooks!
Ares Era: Also reached platinum status according to Hitmaker, this track has a noir and mystical feel to it. There are some stagnant movements within which actually urge to have more of listen, like the story of a protagonist, where he struggles to get through the bad patch. Nice drums and rhythm with retro flavor.
Further this EP is followed by re-mastered versions of:
Flying High: This track has classy ambient touch. Like moving toward resolution and maturity in listening affair.
Morning Break: The beginning of the end surprisingly hails winning glory. Like a new day everything has changed.
These tracks are may be instrumental solos, but do leave listener to abstract expressionism, It satisfies with a sense of a little story telling around it! The leads are so strong that it conveys conventionally, a passionate conversation. 
It makes sense to include re mastered tracks from Decadent Hero’s previous EP to complete the structure and balancing the equation. Overall ‘Shades Of Light" is a good melodic – rock Experience. It is rare that electric rock successfully touches the softer side of expressions. Solo is indeed soul of Decadent Hero!
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