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Never Blue Avenue originally started in 2008 with Josh Higgins and Mark Loeber from Mid-Missouri. They had recently left their previous band and were looking to start a new one, so they got ahold of Shaq Golden and Mike Ellis to get something started. Together, they played at a few small shows and recorded their first EP album, “Misleading At Most” with Shawn Ames in his personal Studio. But later that year, the bassist, Mike Ellis left the band to persue his education. So without a bassist and many shows already booked, Never Blue Avenue asked Tyler Frans, a friend and fellow musician, to join them. From then on out they played many shows together, growing as musicians and also as friends.

Finally in the Summer of 2010, they had written enough songs and made enough money to record their first full length album, “Relations”, at Chapman Recording Studios in Kansas City, Missouri. Soon in 2011, Josh, Mark, and Shaq were all graduating while Tyler still attended high school; therefore, they would be off to college in the Fall.

During the Fall of 2011, Mark had left town for college and was only able to play shows with the band rarely. Although Josh, Shaq, and Tyler remained, they needing another lead guitarist. So Never Blue Avenue searched for someone to fill the spot. They tried out a few guitarists and even played a few shows as a 3-piece. This went on for a few months, then Mark decided to return to town and continue along with the group.

Now that they were back on track as a full band, they continued to play shows and gain a reputation in Mid-Missouri. In the beginning of 2012 they recorded a single, “Crashing”, in Iowa with Capital USA Records. And then later that Summer, they decided to add to the album by returning to Chapman Recording Studios in Kansas City, Missouri to record 2 more songs, “I Need You Now” and “#YOLO”.

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