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Kory Shore - Don't Be Afraid (to Cry)

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Kory is very unique in his sound and style. Although only 16, he is a thoughtful singer-songwriter, musician, video editor, actor. 
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Artist Biography
Kory Shore is a singer, songwriter and gifted musician with talent and charisma.
Kory began playing drums at 3. (See the video.) Break dancing at 4. Piano at 6. Singing at 8. And started writing music at 12. He's now 16 and ready for the world to hear his uniquely mature point of view as expressed through his music. He's currently being produced by Top 10 Producer, Kurt Shore. Kory also edits his own videos.
His first music video, "Crying for America" garnered national attention striking some national controversy with its patriotic theme, and was interviewed on news outlets around the country. Stay tuned and subscribe to hear more.
Hailing from Phoenixville, PA, Kory is a serious wrestler, runner and snowboarder. Hobbies include airsoft, photography, and course, video games.
Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                      Contacts: Kurt Shore, Shore@d4creative.com
16-year old YouTube sensation, Kory Shore releases new music video
Video is in memory of schoolmate, Paul Pratt
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Sept. 9, 2013)
Kory Shore, who received national attention for his “Crying for America” music video in 2011, just released his next music video, called “Don’t be Afraid (to Cry)”.
The song was written and recorded over one weekend in memory of one of Kory's Episcopal Academy schoolmates, Paul Pratt, who tragically died in a car accident a week before summer break. Even though one can hear the emotion being delivered by Kory’s vocal performance, the lyric is both solemn and hopeful. The arrangement features piano and vocals, and just a touch of strings.
One interesting side note is that the grand piano is the same one used on dozens of recordings from the heyday of Kajem Studios, a famous Gladwyne-based studio that the elder Shore once owned, and featured on records from Cinderella to Teddy Pendergrass.
Shot in August by J. Paul Simeone at D4’s Manayunk facility, the video captures Kory’s deeply felt performance of the song.
Written and performed by Kory Shore
Produced and arranged by Kurt Shore
Piano and vocals by Kory Shore
Backgrounds vocals by Kory Shore and Kurt Shore
Cinematographer and Director of Photography- J.Paul Simeone
Recorded at D4 Creative
Engineered by Kurt and Kory Shore
Mastered by Chris Zurzolo
Video Edited by Kory Shore
For more about Kory, please contact us at the number above and visit his website: koryshore.com.


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