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Echo Hill is a four piece eclectic rock group based out of Smithtown, NY. Their unique sound ranges from crushing, emphatic guitar driven rock n’ roll to ambient and soulful pop. The bands authentic lyrics, tuneful melodies and pounding rhythm section has been described as a breath of fresh air in a time that lacks genuine rock music. Echo Hill’s live show is also an energizing experience. Lead singer, Monique Teichert’s striking looks and electrifying performance on stage is truly liberating. The performance is visceral, edgy and physical. Echo Hill brings the key elements of rock n roll back to the forefront.           

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Artist Biography
Echo Hill is a four-piece rock band birthed from the friendship of current guitar player Alex Laudani and current bass player Dylan Coates. The pair clicked instantly through their taste in music and when they decided to combine their musical talents their writing chemistry became undeniable. Laudani and Coates wrote and recorded demos non-stop through out high school. Eventually after years of basement dwelling they could no longer surpress the urge to showcase their creations with the world. In the process of doing so, the pair came across current drummer: Keith Miller in 2010. After about a week or two of jamming as a trio, a band was born.

The boys quickly developed a unique sound inspired from their favorite bands (Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park) which left them with the final task of finding a singer. In 2011 Laudani, Coates, and Miller found their lead singer, Rob Altenbuger and named the project Echo Hill. The name spawned from an original song stemming from the idea that anything you put out into the universe remains. In late 2011 Echo Hill embarked on a long 6 month recording process. The final product, the Echo Hill EP, was released in May 2012. Although receiving great reception from friends and family the boys decided to part ways with Rob and seek something new.
On the quest to find a new male front-man, Echo Hill stumbled across Monique Teichert. Although hesitant to let a girl be the face of their project, they gave her a chance and were surprised at the life she brought to their work and live performances. The four naturally became a family and were so confident with their new lineup that they decided to hit the studio again with producer Brad Franklin in February 2013. After 3 months of recording, Echo Hill finished and released their second and current EP- Namaste. Namaste received great recognition for its catchy guitar driven rock style and energetic live show. The band continues to grow and has plans to begin an LP in the future.

Press Release:

Two Way Radio Review
    Sep 11.2013

Long Island NY Talent
"This was a nice surprise I really enjoyed the energy and voice of the singer she was phenomenal The band has a lot of talent would love to see them go places together!"
Aug 18,2013  
 Good Times Magazine
"Echo Hill, based in Smithown, has found itself with a hit EP in Namaste."
Aug 13,2013  
 Featured on the cover of Good Times MagazineAug 13,2013  
 Featured in The Smithtown NewsAug 08,2013  
 Show Review
"Echo Hill man. One of the best local bands I've ever had the pleasure of gracing my earlobes with, and they do a KILLER cover of Whole Lotta Love. Like their page, be like the mighty Skippy." - John Skip Ballard
Jul 21,2013  
 Show Review
"These dudes (and chick) are the truth!! They're playin Brickhouse brewery tomorrow night for their ep release party @ 9pm!! They go by name Echo Hill! Thank me later! ;)" - Alex Turner
Jul 11,2013  
 Show Review
"Sharp, tight ,dynamic...Never seen better. Awesome !" - Fred Schmidt
Jun 01,2013  
 Music Review
"From someone who experienced WLOL when it first hit the air waves, please let me tell you that you guys ROCK! Great cover, for real , great job." - Steve White
Apr 12,2013  
 Music Review
"From another from the Led Zep generation... y'all nailed this, and at the same time brought you're own style into it. Seriously, best cover of the song I've ever heard. You have a new fan today!" - Bill Coupe
Apr 12,2013

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