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1001 Ways - Dream come true

World-Beat / World Fusion / Electronica


Band Description
The World-Beat Fusion Project 1001 Ways, founded by Swiss violinist Tobias Huber (hails from the Django Reinhardt family) performed there new unique universal sounds at International Festivals around the World and was on BBC, Forbes, New York Times..

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Artist Biography
By combining traditions that dates back thousands of years with modern pop sounds and chill-out elements, 1001 Ways is incorporating the old with the new. Using deep lyrics and a large multicultural background, 1001 Ways transports a musical vision of peace and tolerance to the world.

1001 Ways World Fusion Project works together with various international guest musicians and is founded and lead by violinist Tobias Huber, who hails from a musical family (His Grandmother comes from the Django Reinhardt family and his Father Klaus Huber is a well known Composer). Tobias is based in Switzerland and  is truly about global music. Hi have recorded the CD "Gandhi". It is based on musical and spiritual traditions that are thousands of years old as well as blending modern pop sounds and chill-out elements. The truly exciting aspect of the CD is the combination of there extraordinary music with the rare recording of Mahatma Gandhi's voice (It comes with the blessing of Dr. Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson). This CD did break borders in all senses. 1001 Ways had performed at International Festivals around the world and are touring now with there energetic multimedia live performance, including original Film footage's of Mahatma Gandhi. The Project had international media coverage on BBC, London to Night, Forbes TV, New York Times, New York Post, Hollywood Today, Asian Voice, India Digest, Culture Times, Pakistan TV, Sirus Radio... and had worked together with international artists like:? Farafina (Real World),  Fathy Salama (producer of "Egypt" for Youssou N’Dour), Omega III (producer of Madonna...), Elan (The Wailers), Pras Michel & John Forte (Fugees), Gypsy Kings, Tony Scott, Boddy Miles, and Calvin Owens.
Performing and traveling with some of the legends of the Bauls of Bengal and other folk musicians throughout India, Nepal and Pakistan, 1001 Ways have also performed for years in Clubs, at Festivals and in the streets of Europe. The group remains attracted to philosophical topics and is inspired by Gandhi's life of non-violence and multicultural understanding. Performing at the "No Excuse Concert" and "The Gandhi Tour" in New York signifying their support of the Millennium Development Goals fighting hunger and poverty. 
More information on 1001 Ways Charity efforts can be found here:


Tobias Huber - Vocals, Guitar, Samplers, Strings, Viola d'amore and others
Guest Artists:
Yvonne Tchenga Guldimann - Vocal
Hilarius Dauag -  Multi-instrumentalist  and many other International Guest Artists


  • 1001 Ways Dream come true (Music 4 Peace)
  • 1001 Ways Natural Mystic EP (Bob Marley tribute) 
  • 1001 Ways / Gandhi / Music 4 Peace "Feat. the Original Voice of Mahatma Gandhi" 
  • 1001Ways / Paradiso / Star Search Group / SSI40009-2 Dancing City 
  • Café del Mar (Rue du Soleil) Song Nr.3 World`s Voices (re mix of Jay Guru, 1001Ways) 
  • 1001 Ways CD Siddhartha (93A03) 
  • 1001 Ways CD Signs (93A04) 
  • 1001 Ways CD Along the Way (93A05) 
  • Prophetizz CD Nobilis Mysterium (Dancing City) 
  • Full Speed compilation /Mint-Records / ZYX (Germany) No: 20354-2 
  • Everything out of this World (Prophetizz) - CD 
  • Paradiso Gregoriano (1001Ways) - Single, Koch / UNIVERSAL

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Press Release
1001 Ways new album Dream come true Release on Oct 19th
"The Album Dream come true is my dream, we had worked on this songs and mix's since years" said Tobias Huber, founder of the World Beat Fusion Project 1001 Ways.
The aim was to create a musical fusion of electronic dance grooves combined with deep lyrics and 100's of years old ethnic instruments like Viola D'Amore, Dotara, Bamboo Flute and Sarod to name a few.  This Dream Album includes fourteen of 1001 Ways songs and remixes of the eclectic and innovative world fusion sounds  that will raise the indie world dance charts globally. The deep lyrics multicultural back ground will spread the message of Peace and nonviolence thru out the world. On this album 1001 Ways had worked with producers like Omega III out of New York (producers for Madonna, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, a.o.) and Akim Barika / France (producer for Missy Elliot, a.o.). The last international success of 1001 Ways was the album Gandhi, featuring the original voice of the Mahatma him self and supported by Gandhi's grandson Dr. Arun Gandhi. Tobias toured the world with the Gandhi Tour and several Music 4 Peace concert that was acclaimed by the international media like, BBC, London to Night, Forbes TV, New York Times, New York Post and Hollywood Today to name a view. 1001 Ways music is breaking borders in all senses.
The label Music 4 Peace is releasing 1001 Ways CD Dream come true world wide on iTunes, Amazon... on Oct 19th 2013.  


Currently 1001 Ways is touring with the new Album in India and will soon tour the USA and Europe.

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