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Jose Luis (born November 28, 1987), better known as his stage name Jae Luis, is an American singer and pop vocalist. He is best known for his dedication and hard work which speaks for itself through his music.

Luis was born in Boston, Massachusetts and, at the age of 16, moved to Tampa, Florida, where he decided to get a little deeper into the art of music. Birth in the U.S and being born to Dominican parents. Luis attended Alonso High School in Tampa, Florida but left school and decided to get his GED in his hometown, Boston.

Luis started singing at the age of 12, mostly to girls in his classes. Inspired by Trey Songz, Usher, Michael Jackson, & Boyz II men, Jae Luis developed a love expressing his feelings and emotions through singing. At age 17, Jae Luis had recorded his first song and was getting acustomed to the method of recording arts. His mother always supported him and use to pay for his studio sessions. By the age of 18, he was posting songs all over the net, spreading his name to whatever outlet he could reach.

Jae Luis’ long-awaited debut mixtape ” I AM JAE LUIS” is believed to set the young superstar on a road to great success. He says ” I AM JAE LUIS ” is his sound, refined and will feature artists such as Vayga, Jeyson Cali, Alexx Orta, Cambatta and Prime from the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.
Stay tuned for what this kid has in store for the world.
Press Release
Aspiring youtube star with over 30k views showing his pure talents singing live covers. 1st appearance on WSHH (World star hip hop) reached over a raging 400k views with a cover to Jason Derulo's "It Girl". 

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