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Csaba Gulyas is a musician and composer, and Earthspaces is his artistic name. He was born in 1966 in Hungary in Europe. He lived in Germany for years, but at the moment he lives in Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Former cameraman, and 3D graphician. He has made music for many years but until now just for himself and for fun. After he lost his parents over the same weekend, as a kind of reflection he developed his own music style. This is hard to describe because he uses very different instruments from many musical styles in a harmonic way. 

For him the point of making music is the music itself, and through it to pass on positive feelings to other people. He is mooving absolutely crossover with his music there are tracks from many directions, a bit (any kind of ) Electronic-Dance, a bit Chillout and Downtempo, and Ambient, a bit World Music, and Alternative, and even nearly Meditation music too. He calls it simply Earthspaces. He made and releaised 2 albums since 2011.

His first album Earthspaces Vol. 1 cames out in april 2011 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/earthspaces-vol-1./id434650110 Its digitally releaised and its in all major digital stores Worldwide. The track Clear for takeoff-is since on 9 different Compilations.

His second album Earthspaces Vol. 2 cames out in march 2012 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/earthspaces-vol.-2/id508833312 Its digitally releaised and its in all major digital stores Worldwide. Since 21 of march 2012 are 8 different Compilations camed out with 7 different tracks from Vol. 2.

For his second album he has composed and performed 13 Chillout tracks in the nest Chillout style. Every listener is guaranteed a cool personal headmovie because each trackis a self-contained micro-world, a snapshot of a moment in time. What's more, anyone who feels the groove in their body and wants to dance between chilling out will also fi nd something on this album. All composed in Earthspaces's inimitable style.

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