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Stephen Monroe - Driving the Sky Highway

Bluzy Americana Rock-n-Roll


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This CD has my blend of down home dirt road rock-n-roll with a shot of blues. I did it all on this release, writing, performing and recording. My daughter did the graphics again to express the feel of playing out here on the plains to all kinds of great people and the creativity grown from a cross cut saw across the grain of music that I truly love.  
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These days, life is good. There is love all around me and chances to play for a mulitude of people from all over. This Cd was written while I was going through " a bit of a tough time." I had a bout with colon cancer , lost my job, lost my vehicle, marriage and home. I was jumping form place to place to live and look for work. I recorded what I was writing with a portable 8 track BR-600, a gift from my older brother after the CC surgery. I kept writing, and I kept recording and stowing them all away until I could package them up to show people what I had up my sleeve. I played acoustic, electric bass, a little one handed organ ( cut that out!!), electric, slide guitar and some straight up bend the string leads. There is humor here because without that, I wouldn't have made it.
I am a son of Southern Rock which is now called Americana, as far as I can tell. Its the meeting of the old and new. Old blues from the brothers and sisters of the fields, the white counter part of country blues, the power of the blues invasion from England that taught us all the goodness in "black" music of our own. I love me some Louis Armstrong, Nat "King" Cole and rock-n-roll from when it emerged to whe it blew the doors out of the auditorium.
I'm alive and well, I have a new Martin to play. My children are all happy happy, as am I. I love playing and singing for anyone that wants to stop and listen. I play for great causes to add some fun to great events. I've got frieds all over that consider me as a friend. I write, play and sing my music, some covers when needed. This is who I am and if you listen long enough, you'll get a pretty good idea I'm on this road and I'm not getting off. Where else can you give people joy, have some fun and wish peace and love and happiness to all you meet?

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