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Justin Francoeur - Moving Through Universes


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Justin Francoeur's music continues the tradion of artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, Radiohead, and Bjork. The music is pop-oriented, with catchy lyrics and palpable emotion, over a bed of strong grooves and instrumentation from around the world.  Additional Band Websites    Artist Biography
Justin Francoeur is a Denver-based Musician who has just released his first studio album, Moving Through Universes. In addition to being a singer, he also performs as a professional musician on guitar, bass, and piano. The album was largely recorded and mixed by him as well; however, a number of great Denver musicians can be heard on it as well.

Moving Through Universes is an album in the pop vein, combing stylistic influences and instrumentation from around the world. The album was seven years in the making. Justin Francoeur heads up this project with vocals, guitar, bass, and programming. A number of amazing Denver musicians can be heard on the album as well, including his father Bill, and sister Laura. There are ten tracks, which take the listener to great sacred heights as well as rooms of dark brooding. There is a consistent theme throughout of simple melodies and descants, soaring over soft guitars to heavy funk grooves. The album not only runs the gamut stylistically but emotionally, with poignant lyrics and heart-felt longing. Moving Through Universes is an album on which you will hear something new every time you listen....

Press Release
Justin Francoeur,
Moving Through Universes,
By Jon Solomon Thursday, May 23 2013,
Westword magazine.

It's fairly clear from the opening cut of Justin Francoeur's debut, Moving Through Universes, what an ambitious undertaking the disc was: "Gravity" starts off with a rock groove and gradually works in various worldly elements such as the erhu, a Chinese stringed instrument played here by Brian Mullins. Francoeur clearly has an affinity for Peter Gabriel, as evidenced by the title track and the Native American-flavored "Hoka Hey"; he also has a flair for making things fairly dramatic at times with his use of dynamics. While Francoeur sings and plays numerous instruments and does the programming on the ten-song disc, some of Denver's finest musicians, including Ron Miles, Tony Black, Artie Moore and Damon Scott, lend their skills to the album, which at times is rather epic.

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